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5t1643,Mel Gibson Never Talks About His Son. Here's why!,,Mel Gibson is never mentioned. Johnny Cash and Malcolm X are listed twice. .
o72exh,Apple exec says people who want this controversial feature should stop using iPhones,,Sideloading apps
n44aib,Sony Announces New Partnership With Discord,,"PlayStation will have built-in Discord support. That's literally it. Sony does not own Discord, nor can they influence it aside from their own implementation of it on PlayStation consoles."
7en3iy,The 76ers' Newest Concessions Item Is Causing a Cultural Controversy on Social Media,,Meat Pies being eaten with fork and knife instead of with hands
4t5omn,guess who’s leading in the latest la times poll?,,trump
6ltoqp,Starbucks Almost Had The Ugliest Name Ever,,Cargo House
8sabh9,"If You Can't Remember Your Dreams, There's a Weird Scientific Hack But It's Actually Kind of Scary",,"Taking extremely high doses of vitamin B6 will help you remember your dreams better, but it may also cause you to lose feeling in your limbs."
q5vodo,The worst horror film of all time according to Stephen King,,Blood Feast
79yo4m,Paris Games Week 2017: New Final Fantasy 7 Remake UPDATE!,,No new update other than we may hear something at another conference in December.
sq60po,An 80-year-old mother didn't share her Wordle score. It may have saved her life.,,"A woman was taken hostage in her home in the morning, daughters became concerned when she didn't text them her daily Wordle score. Called police, guy was arrested, woman is ok"
9iw0nh,Kroger says you won't see ClickList at its supermarkets anymore,,"It's not going anywhere; they're just changing the name to ""Kroger Grocery Pickup"""
d22nfs,Why you should never wait to open a TV or appliance,,It May be broken and passed the refund policy
7ud4iz,Which Presidents Have the Highest IQs?,,"Number 3 was John Quincy Adams with 173. 1 & 2 were Obama and Trump with ""???"" instead of numbers. ."
opmwx0,What's the Hole in Boxers Called and What's it For?,,In case you want to pee from it.
6e58mq,"He Starts By Digging 12 Holes Around His Pool, Days Later All His Neighbors Are Jealous",,He builds a deck around his above-ground pool. []
5t7y6c,This Teen Got Her Instagrams Noticed By A Celebrity With This Simple Hack,,She sent him personal pictures.
65wd7m,Married Couple Discovers They're Biological Twins In Story With Many Sad Twists,,Sad twist is the story is confirmed as fake news.
4rdehx,[ThinkProgress] Hillary Clinton Isn’t Getting Indicted. Here’s Why.,,It would set a legal precedent that would be difficult to enforce
bjradb,Windows 7 Users Are Refusing to Upgrade to Windows 10: Here's Why,,It would be a hassle and it's familiar.
gxu3v4,I miss my mum’s Nigerian cooking. Can she teach me over Zoom?,,Yes.
qx08sx,A Single Text Message Exposing My Husband’s Nickname For Me Destroyed Our Marriage,,"""She Who Must Be Obeyed"""
l2rn92,"Mega Millions is up to $970 million—there’s one way to up the odds of winning, according to a Harvard statistics professor",",million%2C%20according%20to%20Mega%20Millions.",Buy more tickets with different numbers. Literally the only way to improve odds in a game of pure chance.
5wnbwj,52 Never Seen Before Photos Behind The Scenes Of Star Wars,,You've seen about half of them and the others are not that interesting. Album in comments.
gbpbsn,McDonald's customers dumbfounded by employee's food prep video: 'Seeing this scars me',,The McFlurry spoon is designed to fit the chain’s mechanical mixers rather than to be used as a straw
n8f7k7,"This One Drink Could Increase Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer, New Study Says",,"""sugar-sweetened beverages"""
5pvp9h,"Blind Man Sees Wife For The 1st Time, Utters 2 Words That Put Everyone In Tears",,"""She's pretty."""
6apyh0,James Harden himself can't explain his awful performance in Rockets' loss,,he choked 😏
a1i8gw,The first thing Bill Gates did with his money after making over $350 million from Microsoft's IPO,,"He paid off his $150,000 mortgage."
k78esz,"These Are the Ages When Alcohol Is Most Dangerous to the Brain, Researchers Say",,"Three groups: fetuses, 15-19, and 65+ (Gizmodo)"
nkc1bg,Primark share 'gorgeous' dress but shoppers start debating something else,,If the model's tattoos distracted from the dress.
n0kbnu,Why there won't be a designated survivor at Biden's 1st speech to Congress,,Cabinet members are attending via Zoom.
ef0bos,What's the Healthiest Food?,,"Health & diet experts say there's no one specific healthy food, better have a variety of healthy food."
9dkns3,"Black ""hair"" on your tongue? Here’s what that could be",,"A condition known as ""black hairy tongue"""
cay66l,Netflix's Worst Nightmare Has Come True,,"Disney, AT&T (Warner Media), and NBC Universal will launch their own streaming services and pull their content from Netflix"
p8ww0h,"Man Gives Girlfriend A Necklace, 2 Years Later She Screams When She Realizes What’s Inside",,It’s an engagement ring
8i4l37,Why do Rome's buses keep catching fire?,,Rome's corrupt transport authority provides inadequate maintenance. A preliminary investigation of the latest bus fire found that an electrical short circuit set it off [BBC News]
sqa66u,Her boyfriend killed her son but she went to jail,,"In Oklahoma, parents who fail to protect their children from child abuse can be charged with the same crimes as the actual abuser"
53wstx,We finally know how water bears became so damn unkillable,,"We don't know everything, but they produce a protein that protects DNA against damage from desiccation and X-rays, and they have a higher-than-average number of copies of genes for anti-oxidant enzymes and DNA repair"
5co096,This is the one joke Donald Trump absolutely forbid anyone from making at his Comedy Central Roast,,That he doesn't have as much money as he says he has
by44m0,NSA Warns Microsoft Windows Users: Update Now Or Face 'Devastating Damage',,"This warning is only for Windows 2003, XP, and Vista, does not effect Windows 8 or 10."
5lrpen,Can people really spy on me through my laptop's or smartphone's camera?,,Yes
7lx3vg,Wesley Snipes’ Response to Who Should Play Blade in the Mcu Will Make Your Day,,"""Me!"""
hfo617,Here's the real danger if Donald Trump loses the 2020 election,,"Biden says if Trump loses and refused to leave the Whitehouse, former generals may escort him 'with great dispatch'"
65ed39,Freddie Mercury biopic release date revealed,,"Actual date not revealed, Brian May mentioned that it'd be released in 2018"
6i0gvk,This student has discovered the best way to troll campus preachers,,By standing near them and repeating or reiterating everything they say as a form of belittlement.
d94vng,The 2 Best Times to Drink Coffee (One is Likely Right Now),,"Late morning, after lunch, and before a nap. Yes, they name 3 times."
4m2asz,Burger King has unleashed its latest weapon in the fast-food wars,,"""a two for $10 Whopper meal deal"", ""two Whopper hamburgers, two small fries, and two small drinks for $10"""
r2a7g2,How Powerful Are The Ten Rings Compared To The Infinity Stones & Gauntlet?,,The infinity stones are vastly more powerful
4yebp3,8 Airports that Will Give You a Free Tour During Your Layover,,"Taipei, Singapore, Salt Lake, Istanbul, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, Doha"
9y0isg,Soldier returns home to find that his son is now a girl,,This didn't actually happen. It's a short film
5ztg7j,"23 million people watched this happen on stage - when I saw who’s standing behind her, CHILLS",,Video thumbnail showed a girl holding a gun to her head and crying on stage but the video is dance routine set to religious music about how God saves you from depression. Saved you a 5:33 video
ju9u98,Millions Of Google Chrome Users Are Suddenly Making A Surprising Switch Because Of One Critical Feature,,"Users are fed up with surveillance capitalism, and 20 million people have switched to Brave"
q1hyx3,Here's Why You Should Buy Renewed or Refurbished Smartphones,,They're less expensive than new smartphones
4wpi11,My Husband Can’t Believe How This Drink Made An Amazing Transformation On Me In A Matter Of 4 weeks Just By Consuming This Once in the Morning And Another One Before Bedtime. I’m Literally Half My Previous Weight!,,10 'rules' about eating healthy that are logical and have nothing to do with a drink
nxnmh8,What Really Happened When Google Ousted Timnit Gebru,,"""It's not clear"""
9zqj31,This Drink Reduces Memory Loss Risk By 47%,,Orange juice
gd6q27,"""Call of Duty Warzone Devs Confirm Feature Demanded by Fans""",,"Duos is coming, but it's unclear as to when."
7j79m1,"Trump Supporter Has A Liberal Waitress, So He Leaves This On Her Table",,"He gave her a $450 dollar tip and said though they have different political views, he was happy she served him with a smile. ."
5cuhm3,Does marijuana weaken heart muscles?,,"There's cause for concern, ""We don't want to underestimate the benefits of medical marijuana"""
56ba46,Is China Selling Human Meat Disguised As Beef To Zambia?,,No.
ap6c2t,Is Disney World Raising Ticket Prices Tomorrow?,,They don't know.
70rr6w,Here’s why everyone is wearing blue ribbons at the Emmys,,The ribbons are being worn to show support for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and its “Stand With ACLU” initiative
fhorcj,Did Romney impeachment vote make Democrats view him more favorably than Republicans? New poll has the answer,,Yes.
52e594,Bully Poured Super Glue All Over Her Head. You Won't Believe What She Did Next!,,Got a haircut and opened a Facebook group
4o8o8e,"Husband Finds Wife Asleep In Baby’s Crib, The Reason Why Will Touch Your Heart.",,"The baby was crying, and she learned in orphanages, babies don't cry because they realize no one is coming for them."
59hahf,You’ll Never Guess Where Dolly Parton Likes To Go On Date Night,,Fast food restaurants.
b1k5c5,When will Avengers: End Game Tickets go on Sale?,,Some time in the next month.
aybp6r,The Daily Habit Taylor Swift Swears By For Managing Stress And Anxiety,,She takes a vitamin
4tya91,"Most Dietary Supplements Are Useless, But Here Are The Ones You Should Take",,Zinc and Folic Acid (the second one if you're pregnant or want to get pregnant)
5450b5,"Why physicists really, really want to find a new subatomic particle",,"So they can account for dark matter, figure out why the Higgs boson is too light, and/or unify the fundamental forces"
6aex3i,Manchester United reveals its away jersey and you might be surprised by the color!,,Black.
4xb654,This Store Is Being Praised For Making ONE Small Change To Their Disabled Bathrooms,,They're making them accessible to the mentally disabled. FYI the store is a Walmart-owned supermarket in the UK.
58qfao,"‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ Release Date, Gameplay Details, News",,Bethesda has not started working on it yet. No new information.
a8wng8,"She Suspiciously Paid For Everything In Cash For Years, Then People Realized Why",,She falsified documents to get big bank loans
avw40l,A Rover Has Found Strange Bacteria in One of Earth's Most Alien Places,,Chile's Atacama Desert
94ljuw,"‘Deadpool’ Series’ Demise, ‘Louie’ Return, ‘It’s Always Sunny’ End FX",,Deadpool was cancelled because Marvel didn't want it to happen - No information on if Louie will be returning - It's Always Sunny isn't ending any time soon
550o4v,This guy reckons you can lose weight on a diet of pies and beer,,as long as you burn more calories than you eat
nbfae8,"Black Panther 2's Script Has Very Odd Parts, Says Martin Freeman",,Didn't tell what those odd parts are. No extra information is given.
r9q8hk,"After Going Off on Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, Scottie Pippen’s Rants Continue",,Nope. The author admits he made the whole interview up. This is the epitome of useless clickbait nonsense. Modern day journalism reaches a new low
d8zmwk,This City Is A Multiracial Mecca. Hint: It’s not where you might expect,,"It's Tacoma, Washington"
7cbzou,How Janet Jackson Got Her Post-Baby Body,,Diet and exercise [E News]
9feemm,Nicktoons bombshell: Do Doug and Patti end up together?!,,No.
d4ec2n,This is what Shawn Mendes texted ex-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin after she married Justin Bieber,,“Congratulations”
6hocmm,Here's What Happens if You Go to a Steakhouse and Order a Completely Raw Steak,,Most steakhouses will serve you one. The rest won't.
q2fny8,"Black Mirror season 6 release date, trailer, cast, and more",,"There is no release date, no trailer, no cast and nothing otherwise."
ofkyii,A sign you buy on the web won’t change the local speed limit. This will,,Complaining to the town council
62ybyf,You wont believe what happened on Shark Tank last night,,Nothing happened. Its a beauty product scam site.
6eaxdq,Why Mike Dubke matters. A lot.,,"Trump is used to surrounding himself with people that tell him what he wants to hear and Mike Dubke is someone that played ""behind the scenes"" and Trump was ""reaching outside the circle"" in hiring Dubke [CNN]"
6fp9ym,5 Things That Can Cause Multiple Pregnancies,,"Fertility Drugs, Hereditary, In Vitro Fertilization, Previous Pregnancies, and Age"
iu9gsz,Sony finally reveals how much the PlayStation 5 will cost,,$499
63dxfb,Rumor: Project Scorpio alleged name and reveal date leaked,,"Name is Xbox One X, Date is this Thursday."
o5phjc,The #1 Worst Burger to Order at McDonald's,,"The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, due to its high calorie content and general unhealthiness"
6jwfwb,"EXPOSED: British Mum Makes £12,500/Month From Home And You Won't Believe How She Does It!",,"It's an ad for a probable scam. Also occasionally uses ""dollars"" even though it's supposed to be British."
6b5qe2,Scientists have identified the 50-foot creature that washed up on an Indonesian beach,,a baleen whale. Had to read through six paragraphs to get the answer.
4rw85p,What A Man Did With His Useless Attic Is Unbelievable,,He Converted It Into a Boat's Cabin
qd6i17,How Republicans Are Weaponizing Critical Race Theory Ahead of Midterms,,They're using scare tactics that encourage school board recalls and attempt to sway voters toward Republican school board candidates
5a3b7l,You Can Now Play Cross-Platform with PS4 Players on Xbox Live,,"As of today, Sony is still not on board with this. Author then shares their opinion on ""which games SHOULD implement this feature first."" ."
7lk7kg,"Stray cat refuses food unless it's in carry bag. One day, lady follows to find out her 'secret'.",,Cat brings the carry-out back to its kittens.
dydc8g,"With one secret ingredient, you can bake the flakiest pastry crust of all time",,Irish Butter
5l7tha,The Hilarious Reason Daniel Radcliffe Was Cast As Harry Potter,,He was good at his casting auditions and he fit the role
6h8z2x,Aaron Rodgers back at Cal for summer school to finish his degree,,He didn't go back to school. He visited the football team.
aihmcg,Why are Indian farmers angry?,,"Subtitle: ""They want higher prices for their produce and unconditional loan waivers"""
5jsdns,This Little Boy’s Reaction To Finally Getting Adopted Has Everyone Ugly Crying,,His reaction was just him crying of hapiness
4urz0j,Are clinical strength anti-perspirants actually any stronger?,,"Yes, they contain higher concentrations of the active ingredient."
6v5yha,This is why dogs follow you into the bathroom. I never knew this!,,Your dog likes being close to you.
59rlfv,"Black Mirror Creators Reveal the Scene That Was So Bleak, Even They Knew They Had to Cut It",,"Greta from ""White Christmas"", the woman who got copied into a cookie, originally had a son. The cookie would watch Greta reading to the kid and realize she would never really interact with him again."
dqq023,I raised my credit score by 134 points in less than a year thanks to 7 steps,,Pay off your credit card debt and quit blowing money on stuff you don't need.
52ownd,Why you should use a custom domain for your website,,They look professional.
ewi2ws,Helicopter in Kobe Bryant Crash Wasn’t Legal to Fly in Poor Visibility,,The helicopter was capable and pilot was trained. The operating company did not have proper licensing for instrument flight. SoCal weather doesn’t necessitate this licensing.
dl055i,Is this “one of the worst scientific scandals of all time”?,,"Maybe; Hans Eysenck was an influential psychologist, but a bunch of his work has been called out as harmful and incorrect and might be retracted, plus he was kind of a racist crackpot"
6gp0ha,What's the difference between JPG and JPEG files? Is this question boggling your mind?,,There is none
bpdhhr,How Gucci is trying to recover from its blackface sweater controversy,,By apologizing and giving money to charity
4wbtfr,New numbers reveal just how insanely popular Overwatch really is,,"In one month, players spent 500 million hours playing Overwatch."
5icu3u,Why do Starbucks always spell your name wrong?,,"It could be a conspiracy to get you to upload pictures of your cup to social media, effectively providing free advertising for them."
cvm3fb,Why Frozen 2 Won't Give Elsa a Love Interest,,Elsa is not just defined by a romantic interest
52wh5h,How Man Utd missed out on Renato Sanches to Bayern Munich,,They didn't know who the next Man Utd manager would be.
dprki3,"Netflix's Most Watched Show Might Surprise You; No, It's Not Friends",,It's The Office
hv05ep,What is the cost of hiring Sima Talaria?,,They have no idea. Could be anywhere from $100 to $5000
4tj3eo,Why Hollywood won't cast Taylor Lautner anymore,,"Twilight hype died, and he isn't a very good actor, anyway."
ge5lja,"How to pronounce X Æ A-12, Elon Musk's new baby.",,"We don't know, he hasn't said."
6yg5p4,'Game Of Thrones' Fan Notices Something Odd In The Way Characters Die,,"The deaths ""seem to present an homage to their most important moments in the show"" - killed with their own weapon, killed the same way they killed someone else, etc."
6iggx7,‘The Mummy’ Will Lose $95M: Here’s Why.,,It cost them $345mil to make and they are estimating a total of $250mil in revenue.
blctt9,Feds: A popular drug from the disco era is making a deadly return,,Cocaine
hbegeo,Small girl's innocent bra misunderstanding lands her dad in very hot water,,Wife thought he was cheating on her. It was a face mask.
65af92,"Married Couple Left Wedding Gift Unopened For 9 Years, But They Had A Reason For It",,"It said ""for your first disagreement,"" but they'd never felt like they'd had a big enough disagreement to break down and open it. It had $20 inside for pizza and flowers."
skoimn,Viral TikTok Hack For Falling Asleep in Under 2 Minutes Could Help Ease “Pandemic Insomnia”,,Picture a calm scene and repeat the phrase “Don’t think” for 10 seconds
qutkbp,Lin-Manuel Miranda slams cancel culture: It’s called ‘having opinions’,,The cancellers are the ones entitled to their opinions; he's fine with the extra scrutiny that comes with success
cf6lie,Delete these Banned Apps From Your Android Phone,,"They're all apps that explicitly state in the name that they're tracking apps like ""Employee Work Spy"""
4wm3vc,Divorce: A Harvard Study Says This Can Crush Your Marriage,,"""the biggest factor leading to divorce is the husband’s job status"", ""men who didn’t have jobs, or who had been out of work for a long time had a statistically higher chance of getting divorced in any given year"""
dyciaa,Christian Bale explains why there’s no fourth Christopher Nolan ‘Batman’,,Because Nolan only wanted a trilogy
93r3bs,A Crazy Thing Happened When I Tried to Buy $1 of Bitcoin from a Las Vegas ATM,,"The ATM wouldn't accept $1 because it was too small small of an amount, the author ended up putting in $11 and received $1.65 worth of Bitcoin after fees"
54deuz,Does Spider-Man swing by Avengers HQ in Homecoming?,,"Never answered. Iron Man should make an appearance, though."
5qb1no,The Chord That Changes Everything,,It's a MINOR 4th chord
p6rlwl,'The Simpsons: Hit & Run' has been remade in just one week,,By a YouTuber in Unreal Engine - not an official remaster
f2bbt6,Heres Why 'The Irishman' Was Shut Out (Hint: Its Neither the Oscar Campaign Nor the Academy),,"""It ruins the filmgoing experience with its long runtime"". The Academy is also anti-Netflix."
jqnfrh,American Airlines quietly made a decision that'll disturb everyone,,They're starting to fly the 737 Max again
5mqzhm,Paul Ryan Reveals Why Republicans Have A Big Obamacare Repeal Problem,,"He says Americans are ""struggling"" under the ACA, but also that repealing it would be like pulling a rug out from under them"
4ykbtr,This Leak Will End Trump's Presidential Run,,", recapping his well known past scandals. Worst variety of click trash."
4y88un,"How Is The ""Octomom"" Doing 7 Years After She Gave Birth?",,They don't know. She's living out of the spotlight.
5vybzb,Which Major Politician Said No To Dancing With The Stars?,,Hillary Clinton
5djg83,15 y/o Gamer Pulls This Prank and Gets 25 Years in Federal Prison for Terrorism?!,,"He swatted some random player because he was losing a Battlefield 4 match, but it's possible this is false so we don't know if he will actually serve 25 years."
dktkbi,AT&T left me speechless when I asked about the Samsung Galaxy Fold,,"the AT&T reps didn't know answers to questions, only had one uncharged phone, chewed gum, and kept walking away."
5273wl,Why is Amazon expanding to 100 pop-up stores?,,"Even though online shopping is convenient and cheaper, Amazon thinks people want to experience their devices and brand in person."
dml9da,This 24-year-old man just became a billionaire,,by being gifted multibillion dollar worth of shares of a biopharmaceutical company which his parents are executive directors and his sister is the chairman of the company (CNN)
58ddo3,You Won't Believe Who Owns This Pig Farm,,Three members of the German Parliament
5iojdw,You won't believe which app just crossed 500 Million downloads on the Play Store,,it's Super-Bright LED Flashlight
gdzncp,"A Simple Trick Will Make Your Box Cake Mix 1,000 Times Better",,Butter instead of oil
qvga6i,"Chick-fil-A closing on Saturday now, too... but for a reason",,"Chick-fil-A will be closed on Saturday, December 25th, in observance of Christmas. ("
g5vlww,Queen Elizabeth Releases a Heartbreaking Statement on Her 94th Birthday,,Condolences to those affected by the shooting in Nova Scotia
4serbw,The evil thing a mother did to her 10-month-old daughter is beyond disturbing,,She drowned her in the bathtub
84mvv4,Crab steals GoPro and you won't believe the footage he creates,,The crab sits in front of the camera for 2 minutes doing nothing
67bpc0,You've Been Scooping Ice Cream Wrong This Whole Time,,"Nothing except ""wiggle the scoops out"" from the ""top of the box."""
4oquy9,"At First, It Looks Like A Bear. But When The Camera Zooms Out? I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing!",,It's a Bear
gl4r0t,How to Adjust Volume in a Zoom Meeting,,You change your computer's volume (Techswift)
68fqul,Anxious Girlfriend Texts “Are We Okay?”—Boyfriends 4-Word Response Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons,,"""Very much so honey"""
r1fg50,"How I bought a home on an income under £16,000",,She sold her previous home
5i98w9,5 Things You Should NEVER Do When Starting a New Diet,,"Cut out foods/entire food groups, ignore hunger cues, change everything at once, sacrifice sleep to work out/meal prep, and choose workouts [solely] based on how many calories they burn."
5jf6yi,"LOOK: Texans rookie orders $13 salad, gets stuck with $16K dinner bill",,He doesn't mind. His teammates buy him dinner once a week.
56hhmf,"Bodybuilder 'Little Hercules' Has Grown Up, Does He Still Lift Weights?",,"No. , a pop-up, and an attempt at invasive cookies."
58iudh,10 beloved PC programs Windows 10 renders obsolete,,"Antivirus utilities, Dexpot, Pushbullet, Shadowplay, CutePDF, Wizmouse, Linux Virtual Machine, Windows key finders, Start menu replacements, ModernMix"
5yaad8,"Academics swapped gender of Trump, Clinton for restaged presidential debate and the results surprised them",,People who hated Trump liked him when what he said was spoken by a woman and people who liked Clinton hated her when what she said was spoken by a man.
8lfx57,First Surviving Septuplets – Where Are They 20 Years Later?,,They are 20 years older
4iy63v,9 Things Baby Boomers Can Do Now to Have More Later,,"Downsize the house, downgrade the car, kick the kids out, eliminate debt, get healthy, save money for retirement, pay down the mortgage, know when a bargain isn't, budget hacks."
5391ee,Russia Blocks Access to PornHub and Tells Its People to ‘Meet Someone in Real Life.’ Pornhub fired off the best possible reply to news of the ban,,"""@[Russia's Media Regulator] if we give you guys a Pornhub Premium account, will you un ban Pornhub in Russia?"""
bsgye9,Do Credit Cards Expire at the Beginning or End of the Month?,,End.
c58c55,John Stamos breaks silence on Lori Loughlin being written out of 'Fuller House' Season 5,,"""I'm just going to wait a little longer before I talk about it."""
ngaa64,Adam Levine Returning to The Voice After Almost 4 Seasons — Here's Why,,"To preform with his band Maroon 5 their latest hit, “Beautiful Mistakes” with Megan Thee Stallion."
evqk37,Am I a Human Or Chimpanzee? Shock As Teenager Finds Out The Truth!,,"His late mother claimed he was the result of her having sex with a chimpanzee, but nothing proving this ""truth"" is mentioned. It's pure speculation."
50qscs,Why Superman's Glasses Actually Work As A Disguise,,Because glasses make you look slightly different
6x3yja,Apple is about to dramatically change the way you use an iPhone,,they're just removing the home button.
680btv,Is My Neti Pot Going to Kill Me?,,Probably not. Article refers to incidents were improper cleaning caused parasite growths in the pot. Sanitize with clean water and saline.
4jrcgc,Just how much US debt does Saudi Arabia own?,,$117 billion.
80wrpv,"This Company Has the Best Pay and Benefits, According to Employees",,Costco
q1ldyl,"The #1 Drink for Faster Weight Loss, Says Dietitian",,Cumin water
63i22g,No one understands why her daughter gets sores on her face - then mother remembers a detail from 8 months earlier,,"Eight months earlier, a relative with herpes kissed the baby. Doctors are now able to give the correct treatment and cure the rash."
6kf9m9,Maynard James Keenan Reacts To Tool Bandmate Saying New Album Is ‘90% There’,,"Maynard isn't mentioned in the article at all, it's a recap of a Reddit comment and a screenshot of a Puscifer tweet"
6hju5t,DJ Khaled Lists The Artist He Hasn’t Been Able To Get A Feature From,,Eminem
4we17m,Star Wars Actor Confirms Rogue One Cameo,,"Jimmy Smits, who played Bail Organa in the prequels"
mxjnao,How Prince Won His Master Tapes Back From Warner Bros,,He changed his name to a symbol
4zy8oj,It Looks Like Any Ordinary Flight. Now Watch What Happens Just Moments After Landing. UNFATHOMABLE,,they got presents
azgbyv,"Japanese PS4s can now use X to select, but why didn’t they already?",,Because O is the default select button in Japan
db45da,A man who interviewed 177 self-made millionaires says they all started with the same savings strategy,,Saving 10-20% of income and being intentional about where they put savings
51bp1b,This 1 piece of crucial English speaking advice is sending the internet wild,,Verbs in English follow the order opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun
4p5egj,"When You See this Couple Dancing, You will be Stunned! I Can’t Believe What He Does To Her!",,"He just helps her do some acrobatic moves. It's more circus than actual dancing, but it's well done."
co2cta,Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy: Why Did He Appear on Every Talk Show?,,To promote the second season of The Ron Burgundy Podcast
6c83hj,It Started Out As A Tiny Dot But It Ends Up Much Worse. The Cause Is Very Common. Hear Her Warning,,"She got skin cancer on her nose from tanning bed overuse. Also, her name changes from Jude to Judy halfway through the article."
gqem6a,Why Is 3sYqo15hiL Such A Popular Password?,,It was a default password used by automated spam email accounts
d8ocsw,Sony PS5 boss Jim Ryan confirms KILLER new PlayStation 5 feature,,It consumes 0.5W instead of 8.5W in sleep mode
66rkd0,This is what will happen if you break the new 30mph speed limit on Princess Road,,You'll get a fine and points on your license
feruos,"Harvard spent 79 years studying the lives of 724 men to determine what keeps people healthy and happy. They discovered it has nothing to do with fame, wealth, social class, IQ, or genes, but instead, a single trait.",,Social connection.
4z4pn7,There’s an iOS 10 update coming on September 30th and at least one new feature was revealed,,Siri will start pronouncing Barbra Streisand's name correctly
jdo9ku,I lent my mother my old phone. Now she’s read my text messages – and discovered untold secrets,,"Between him and his sister, no secrets are mentioned in the article and all the examples sound fairly mundane"
ai3b4n,Bill Gates: The Best Investment I've Ever Made,,The global fight against disease
nqlfte,David Harbour Reveals When ‘Stranger Things’ Is Expected to Wrap Production on Season 4,,Around August
5nld3q,"James Corden reveals which celebrity he finds ""f**king rude""",,Pierce Brosnan
5c78dl,Big Loss! Heartbreaking news for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson,,He lost a supplement sponsorship.
5uuyeq,A brilliant method to pay off a credit card: It's Easier than it Seems,,Use a 21-month 0% APR balance transfer. This is basically a Discover card ad.
a0qxl6,I Finally Understand What The iPhone X 'Notch' is For,,Its only point is to make it 'different' from Android and is therefore 'good design'.
lguvbk,Kevin James’ Reaction to ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ on AMC,,"Quote from Kevin James: “I think if they can use me to get their show made, and it’s a great show, God bless them, good for them.”"
532mjl,Mom's Infant Son Cries Out In Pain. Then She Opens Fridge and Realizes,,he has Listeria from cold cuts she ate while pregnant.
6ifj9w,"Republican Clint Eastwood Revealed Who He Voted For, And Fans Are Taken Aback",,After it was Trump
ra9g9q,Google Pixel mail-in repairs have allegedly twice resulted in leaked pics and a privacy nightmare,,"Game designer Jane McGonigal speculates her phone was hacked within the Google repair facility, but it could have been taken during transit. The claim and phone’s location are under investigation."
8x3eam,We compared Google Photos and the built-in Apple Photos app on iPhone — and the winner is clear,,Apple Photos
kz143p,God of War: Ragnarok release date,,2021; doesn't reveal any new information than what we already saw in the teaser trailer. (Second time posting this as the first time it was deleted)
5wr7ax,The Story Behind This Man’s Driver’s License Got Everyone At The DMV Cheering,,He kept his USMC hat on for the photo
6kcb7w,Mark Hoppus Reveals If He’d Welcome Tom DeLonge Back In Blink-182,,"He said ""I dunno"""
65xto7,"My Patient Crawled Through the Door in Sciatica Pain Agony, I IMMEDIATELY Told Him to do THIS",,Heat/Ice Therapy; McKenzie Exercises (not explained); Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine; and Lumbar Spine Traction and Decompression Therapy. The Author is not a Doctor.
d5hf54,Saved by the Bell Revival Coming to NBCUniversal Streaming Service — Which Original Stars Will Be Back?,,Article mentions that Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez will be back
n4id4u,"Tax refunds on $10,200 of unemployment benefits start in May. Here’s who’ll get them first",,Single Filers (
bpnzlv,I drove the Ford Ranger and the Chevy Colorado to see which midsize pickup truck was better — and the winner was clear,,"The Chevy Colorado, only because V6 vs Ranger V4 (duh) and personal infotainment center preference."
5enruj,Why Showtime Canceled ‘House Of Lies’ Season 6 Despite Good Ratings?,,"No reason. No reason at all. But there will be ""great drama and humorous performance"" in the upcoming finale, so we got that going for us, which is nice"
f3adjr,Can You Get Coronavirus From a Package Shipped from China?,,No.
6oryuv,The Queen has Revealed her Favourite Song and it's a Gay Anthem,,It's ABBA's Dancing Queen
9ao0az,NASA's longest-lived robot on Mars isn't calling home. Here's why there's a chance it could be dying,,A global dust storm is blocking sunlight to the Opportunity Rover's solar panels
52x1uj,The race is tightening for a painfully simple reason,,Clinton is doing worse than Trump
5bapxo,Vine's dead. Is Twitter next?,,No.
6lrpyv,This Mineral Fights Depression—and It’s Cheaper and Safer Than Prescription Drugs,,"Magnesium seems ""promising"" based on a single small trial, but more testing is necessary"
71yau4,"This 12-Year-Old’s Girlfriend Told Him That He Made Her Pregnant, And He Had The Best Response Ever",,"He told his mom he was going to take care of baby, despite not knocking her up or even knowing how sex works"
bkuiel,You Won't Believe How Many Times Ted Bundy Actually Escaped From Prison,,Twice
4sa0ej,Quiz: Can we tell what kind of porn you're into?,,"Going off the comments, no."
hg9exg,The English word that hasn't changed in sound or meaning in 8000 years.,,Lox: Salmon or Smoked Salmon
kmp3cb,Adam Levine Summed Up His Feelings About Possibly Returning to The Voice in Just Three Words — Here They Are,,Adam Levine's response on an Instagram Q&A session: “No thank you?”
r3qc79,Why Republicans are embracing Kyle Rittenhouse as their mascot,,"Because of a ""a general feeling among some in this country that White America is under siege"""
610p4k,21 Facts Only The President Knows About Air Force One,,"The article lists 25 things, mostly stating how impressively large and secure the plane is, as well as past presidents' customisations. It doesn't state a single thing that only the president knows."
4o21a0,Battlefield 1 Won’t Have Female Soldiers in Multiplayer Because Of This Outrageous Reason,,"""boys wouldn't believe it"""
7x3h2r,Whatever Happened To Linda Kozlowski From 'Crocodile Dundee'?,,She divorced Paul Hogan and retired from acting. .
5o3uov,How To Fix Your Fatigue (Do This Every Day),,A natural supplement introduced roughly 30 minutes into a video that was over an hour long. 01:02:33 saved.
7icnqa,This Was Joe Budden's Response After Quavo Called Him A 'P***y',,"He said ""I am your OG & you will respect me as such.”"
50zfhk,His Babysitter Was A Monster And Mom Had No Idea. Then the Dog Started Acting Strangely...,,She hit the kid.
5zcjy3,Has the Founder of Reddit Ever Used Reddit?,,"The article never answers the question posed in the title, but instead bashes Reddit on being a ""bad website""."
ot152j,‘Disgusting’: Mum Makes Horror Find Under Teen Son’s Bed,,"Discarded packaging from chips, lollies and snacks."
6vep9y,MIRACLE MUSCLE SUPPLEMENT NETS BIGGEST DEAL IN SHARK TANK HISTORY,,"Ad for dietary supplement disguised as Fox News article makes up how it got the ""biggest deal"" in Shark Tank history."
akttkx,Mailing Just Got More Expensive: Forever Stamps See Biggest Price Increase Ever,,"$0.05 increase, total price $0.55 now"
hh9t1s,Why It Was Easier to Be Skinny in the 1980s,,People are exposed to more chemicals that might be weight-gain inducing; use of prescription drugs (like SSRIs) has risen dramatically; microbiomes (gut bacteria) of Americans might have changed between the 1980s and now (eating more meat)
5jmsu1,I Was Pulled Over By A White Texas Trooper. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next...,,They get let off with a warning for going 49mph in a 40mph zone.
7ol7u8,WONDER WOMAN SCORES A HUGE BEST PICTURE NOMINATION,,"Wonder Woman was among the nominees for Outstanding Producer for the Producers Guild Awards, an indicator that a Best Picture Nomination is likely. Nominations for Best Picture for the Oscars have not been announced."
5hfvm4,James Corden Suggests A New Catchphrase For America’s Economy,,"""Let's Get Ready To Crumble."""
npteq2,Oprah Says That Everyone She Interviews—Including Beyoncé—Asks Her the Same 3-Word Question,,"""Was that ok?"""
5339ok,This Baby Starts Crying. Watch What the Dog Does!,,The dog howls and the baby starts crying. Then the dog stops howling and the baby starts crying again.
fwd8a5,Meghan Markle's real name leaves fans stunned: 'Mind blown',,Rachel Meghan Markle
58i1gn,Trump used an unusual word in the third debate and now everyone is googling it,,"""bigly"""
b85w0p,Steph Curry Used His Wife To Welcome DeMarcus Cousins,,Curry sent meals from his wife's restaurant to Cousins
5he5ud,This is how millennials are saving money–and it’s genius,,Native advertisement for an app called 'Honey'
8i5vwg,How Much Robert Downey Jr. Made For Spider-Man: Homecoming,,$10 Million
ghqewq,"Mom Lets 14-Year-Old Babysit, 2 Hours Later Gets Text That Says “I’m Baby”",,"it was autocorrect, the babysitter then texted that an intruder was in the house. Mom called neighbor who scared intruder away."
bisfq6,Scientists find ‘alien’ grain of dust that could challenge our understanding of where planets come from,,"The speck ""hurled into space by an exploding star that died even before our own sun existed."" Nothing to do with intelligent life on other planets"
s2v4r6,Emma Watson admits she was ‘taken aback’ by Rupert Grint comment during Harry Potter reunion,,"""We're family, always will be"""
rn05f2,Why are Taylor Swift fans celebrating Chile’s presidential election?,,The winning candidate is a Taylor Swift fan as well
grojt1,Is Minecraft shutting down? Rumours sparks panic among players,,"No, the ""rumor"" is a prank news website that couldn't possibly be mistaken for being real news."
6ws5cc,This Mother Was Filming Her Twins When She Saw Something That’s a Parent’s Worst Nightmare,,"One of her other sons was suffocating with a window blind's cord,"
gmsxkc,Life Would Be Better If We Added This Line to Every Email,,Be more upfront about what you want as a response and put more detail in the subject header
6paxs9,16-year-old collapses on beach - the cause of death can be found in every supermarket,,She only drank energy drinks instead of water. Doctors think that the high levels of caffeine and sugar in the energy drinks might have contributed to her death
5p4eaw,"Grandma Thinks Newborn's Gender Is The Surprise, Only To Find Daughter Lied During Pregnancy",,"1 click and a video later, it's twin girls"
5ftwbf,A Calculation of Exactly How Many Cows Are Being Murdered to Make the New Fivers,,Literally one is enough to make all notes in circulation
50mn6y,It Bitcoin Still a thing?,,Yes.
69qp5a,A Test: We’ll Determine Your Sex With Just One Question,,"the question is ""are you a man"""
pzwdd9,This Is How the International Space Station Will Burn Up Crashing Into the Earth,,"Friction will cause it burn, break into pieces and fall into the ocean"
4lllvw,Guess How Many Americans Over 55 Don't Have Any Retirement Savings,,30%
97k1cd,We Just Found Life In Space - There's Just One Tiny Problem,,"Bacteria was found on the exterior of the ISS, most likely from computer equipment being brought aboard"
59mo71,Green Day Fan Wows Crowd with Perfect 'Dookie' Cover,,He got pulled on stage to play one song off Dookie
6n4dsw,How Did Harrison Ford Accidentally Audition For ‘Star Wars’?,,"He filled the part during line readings, and Lucas liked him better than the actors that actually auditioned for the part. (xpost /r/todayilearned)"
pejpxn,Did the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Just Tease the Final DLC Character?,,“Probably not.” Rest of the article is just theory-crafting.
5n0xcb,This is how Eminem found out Kendrick Lamar didn't use a Ghostwriter,,He asked Kendrick to write a verse and it was good
eqzw6o,One Thing All Liars Have in Common,,"Lying -- just like this headline, which points to an article that doesn't have anything at all to do with it (the words ""lie"" and ""liar"" never even appear), but is instead just an ad for the TruthFinder public record search service"
672ukr,"Doing THIS at McDonalds drive thru could land you a £1,000 FINE and a driving BAN",,Using Apple pay or something similar
f8nq7x,"Methadeth star makes a sad announcement: ""This is the final show""",,...of the European tour
5vcnqi,"Man points camera at ice, seconds later he captures the impossible on film",,"In less than an hour and 15 minutes, a piece of glacier the size of the Lower Manhattan fell into the ocean. (video in post)"
rvhxzz,Could Space Explorers Turn Into Cannibals if Food Was Scarce?,,Yes
61vywc,Is it possible to deal ZERO DAMAGE? - DS3,,it's possible to deal no damage with a weapon but you don't actually get a 0 number on their health bar when attacking. Saved you 4 minutes and 41 seconds.
dewr8o,Paul McCartney Confirms 'Critically Ill' Report,,McCartney confirmed that musician Ginger Baker had died. Nothing about McCartney's health in the article.
bz1v0x,E3 2019: Nintendo Switch Soon Gets An Internet-Favorite Game,,Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
5u0i32,This Is The Murderer Of Obesity – A Tablespoon Per Day Will Help You Lose 30 Pounds Within A Month!,,"It's Cumin Powder. You will lose weight, but only if you also consume a daily diet of less than 500 calories."
8v3nxj,REPORT: AVENGERS 4 TITLE CONFIRMED,,It's supposedly Avengers: End Game but it's not actually confirmed. It took three paragraphs and two spaces for ads to explain this
4zql6v,The One Thing College Students Should Never Say to a Professor,,"""Professor, I Need [x grade] in This Class."""
5vyedx,People are losing their minds about what they found in their Chipotle bowls!,,It's a bay leaf.
hnicn5,What happened when I tried to become French,,I failed and eventually went home
6i8m1v,Some priests insist fidget spinners have a secret meaning,,The holy trinity
mrdfzy,Chrome and Edge browsers both at risk — how to protect yourself now,,"Not an issue unless you've disabled Browser Sandbox, which is enabled by default"
5i115s,This Is What Happens When You Forcefully Pop Out A Pimple,,It pushes the pus deeper into the pore and that's apparently it
5nlog3,"What I Learned by Spending $650,000 on My Credit Card Last Month",,That he spent a lot and gold-diggers like him
afmi6o,Was Jane Jetson a Child Bride?,,"""The only conclusion? No, Jane wasn’t a child bride."""
6hwk8y,Number of Bristol men using erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps revealed,,73.
523y2i,EVERYONE could get £330 from MasterCard - here's how,,How you get the money hasn't been worked out yet
5bvr17,"Who Would Jesus Vote for—Trump, Clinton or Neither? If the Bible Tells Us Anything, It's This",,He would not vote. We already have a king (god).
59r2cs,Here’s Why Amazon Stock Just Collapsed,,Rising operating costs
51hi4l,Homeless Vets Group In New York Asked Trump For Donation–You Won’t Believe What He Sent!,,"Campaign MAGA bumper stickers, $0.00 in cash"
6h51u8,"Desperate parents post £50,000 a year nanny job - but spooky catch is putting applicants off",,The house is haunted
6bwepy,World's 500 Richest People Lose $35 Billion From Trump Turmoil,,Equity markets drop to where they were last Friday
gh1x2s,US stimulus checks: plans for a second round of payments,,White House is still considering a second stimulus check
82i8yt,Mom discovers secret basement in her kitchen that's almost certainly a portal to hell,,It's not.
5hsfii,Star Wars 8 Title Leaked Accidentally by Disney?,,"""Star Wars: Forces of Destiny"" was trademarked by Disney but is far from confirmed."
8e752u,A family's van broke down,,The driver's cell phone allowed him to call for help
gq50to,"""Epic Games Store next two free games have leaked and they're big""",,"Nothing confirmed, but the leak is guessing that it's Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and ARK: Survival Evolved"
nujhmb,"Desperate for Staff, This Ice Cream Shop Owner Made an Unusual Decision. It's a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence",,He doubled starting wage from $7.25/hr to $15/hr
5vx5g0,This is apparently the best age to get married,,26
kk2kvy,Fans Expressed Fears Over Céline Dion’s Major Weight Loss – Then The Star Confirmed The Real Cause,,She has recently begun learning ballet and practices four times a week. . Zenherald.
8cvihg,Is Apple saving pictures of users' bras?,,No
8rbvom,A Real-Life Hacker Reveals What You Should Stop Doing Online,,Posting pictures with no awareness of personal information in the picture or metadata (geo tags)
j8tyaq,Getting unsolicited political text messages? Here's how to stop them,,"You can't. Try texting back ""STOP"""
64sbgy,You Know The Mystery Diamond On Your Tape Measure? There’s Actually A Good Reason Why It’s There!,,Allows you to space 5 rafters beneath each 8-foot sheet of plywood
4tva1r,Drew Barrymore officially files for divorce — and the reason behind it is ridiculous,,"Her husband wasn't a fan of her ""hippie dippy"" ways"
5g2jcz,Does The Death Penalty Reduce The Murder Rate?,,No
8zd6el,US Republicans endorse arming toddlers on Sacha Baron Cohen show,,"Comedy show Who is America? had politicians read from a teleprompter and act out scenes depicting arming toddlers posing as a Israeli TV station, presenting it as their true opinions."
8owno6,Barack Obama Tried to Keep This a Secret from Michelle During Their Buckingham Palace Sleepover,,A mouse in their room while visiting Buckingham Palace in 2011
5wadxz,"Donald Trump BAILED On The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, And Alec Baldwin Could Take His Place!",,No he can't.
8csx6l,Jon Hamm Just Came Clean About His Condition And Wants Everyone Else To Do The Same,,Chronic depression following the death of his father
5i0t7a,O.J. Simpson's Former Manager Claims He Knows Who Killed Nicole Brown Simpson,,He can't say because the police took all the evidence
5ffeho,Malia Obama's net worth left us speechless!,,later its 12.2 million that actually belongs to her father.
ptkro3,What Brian Laundrie's Family Has to Say After Gabby Petito Is Confirmed Dead,,"""May Gabby Rest In Peace"""
6fujjx,Study Says This Paint Color Increases a Home's Selling Price,,Blue
rwq7q7,Did Washington Football Team's new name leak? This website may offer clues to 2022 unveiling,,"It's ""Admirals""."
56ydpy,What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food?,,It throws up and leaves germs on it
pg3tix,Sorry America You’ve Already Been Hacked,,sign up for credit monitoring or freeze your credit if you are concerned about data breaches
58twqw,'Red Dead Redemption 2' Trailer Hints at John Marston's Return: Watch,,No it doesn't. The author mentioned that a promotional image hinted at it but doesn't explain how.
arbiym,What does it cost to live in Mexico city's safest boroughs,,"Between $134,000 & $174,000 USD"
b0umdg,"Why William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman's Husband, Wasn't Charged in College Cheating Scandal",,Plans for his second daughter (which he participated in) didn't push through
58j926,This Seattle 20-year-old put a price on her virginity. Learn why,,"She loves her family. By auctioning herself in a brothel reality show for over $400k, she will salvage her family's burned-down home."
95epck,You Won't Believe Why Women Are Letting FIsh Swim in Their Clavicles,,It's a viral social media challenge in China
55p5jc,The Best Time to Exercise to Lose Weight,,Before you eat breakfast
5fxtqr,How Would Texas Lawmakers Have Wanted The Hospital To Handle My Abortion?,,Either cremate or bury the fetus
i45n63,EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT THE WESTERN RELEASE OF PERSONA 5 SCRAMBLE,,"It's expected to release in the current fiscal year, sometime before March 2021"
beza8f,[McDonald's Just Announced a Shocking Shift in Strategy That Will Affect Every Customer],,They took some fancy burgers off their menu
9sp7g8,Apple iOS 12.1 Release Has A Nasty Surprise,,Only newer iPhones support group Facetime calls. Devices with the A7 or A8 chip support audio group calls.
6nez1c,Researchers Ran SR-71's Manually Designed Plans Through A Computer--Made A Startling Find,,The design is good.
d4xhsk,Rescued Golden Retriever Gives Birth To A Litter Of Cow Pups,,Pups are black and white because the father (dog) had dominant dna
7xc1f3,The Backpacks Are Coming: Why Execs Are Ditching Their Briefcases,,Backpacks give you two hands to text with or drink coffee and swipe
rcb3qx,Jennifer Aniston says she gets 'bullied' over vaccination stance: 'I don't understand the disconnect',,She's pro-vax and is cautious about going out and doesn't understand why people are being shamed and insulted for wanting to be safe from the disease by antivaxxers
97278d,Jackie Kennedy Had A Shoe Secret That No One Ever Noticed But Everyone Should Know,,She wore shoe lifts to prevent back pain due to one leg being shorter than the other.
b6mcrd,A Galaxy S10 update might add the Pixel 3 feature people can’t stop talking about,,"Night Sight is being added under the name ""Super Night Mode"" along with 25W fast charging."
56m0ma,10 Words That Will Make You Sound Smarter at Work,,"caustic, idiosyncrasy, paradoxical, beleaguer, exacerbate, didactic, innocuous, parsimonious, bloviate and aplomb"
r0w8co,How to Cut Coffee's Bitterness Without Using Sweetener!,,Add cream.
f0few2,Apple Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason Keep Their iPhones,,"Code hints at ""CarKey"" which would let users unlock their cars"
qv22cx,One Personality Trait Distinguishes Gifted People,,Openness to Experience
9gaqk6,"After Hearing Rumors About His New Home, Arizona Man Makes A Chilling Backyard Discovery",,It's an old fallout shelter. He's turning it into a man cave. .
5busus,Saturn’s North Pole Just Changed Color And Nobody Knows Why,,It's Saturn's natural seasonal changes.
5549y3,Who are the European Golden Boy winners since 2003 – and what happened to them?,,Nothing bad. They all went on to have successful careers
qx7byb,Why Steve Bannon Should Worry About His Trump-Appointed Judge Handling His Criminal Case,,He has ruled against Trump and his allies in the past.
597nti,Eva Longoria's Surprising DNA Test,,"70% European, 27% Native American, 3% African"
60zs0e,Nintendo's fix for the Switch Joy-Con desync issue is surprisingly simple,,Adding a piece of conductive foam that helps block interference around the antenna.
4t5reh,Ever Wondered What These White Lines On iPhones Mean?,,"They're actually the phone's ""antenna"""
5abjhq,Bruce Lee Is Asked If He Is American Or Chinese. His Response Is Priceless.,,"He wants to think of himself as a human being, and believes under the sky there is but one family."
761i9k,The Extra Step Most People Forget When Ordering from Amazon,,Reuse or recycle your boxes
56v3xf,Donald Trump says drugs are coming over the border ‘at a record clip.’ Here’s what the data say.,,"Total seized went down from 2.5 to 1.5 million pounds in 2011-15. Weed, coke, heroin, all down. Only meth is up, from 2 to 6 thousand pounds."
rozknc,Jeremy Clarkson welled up over The Grand Tour: 'Show as you know it is ending',,He said this in the last episode of The Grand Tour season 3 — more than two years ago. TGT now does one-off specials.
kf3235,"The poison found in everyone, even unborn babies – and who is responsible for it",,"PFOA, from Teflon and a number of other non-stick, water resistant, or stain resistant items. (The Guardian)"
6mqk36,"Mom Sells Stillborn’s Crib At Yard Sale. 1 Week Later, The Buyer Returns It Looking So Different",,Carpenter turns crib into double-wide chair
pfhynf,Here's the one thing that makes the 2022 Subaru BRZ better than the Toyota GR 86,,Nothing
4ujxe5,Men Don't Need Viagra If You Do This Once Daily,,"I honestly don't know. It's one of those stupidly long videos that circles the drain on ""the one simple trick"" and never says what it is. I believe you have to buy something to learn the ""free"" trick."
r57xqa,Who Played Ghost In The Shell (2017)'s Terrifying Robot Geisha,,A Japanese model and actress named Rila Fukushima. Not much is said about her in the article besides name
j4qeby,"School Expels Teen Over Outfit, Regrets It When Dad Steps In",,"1) the school doesn't regret it, 2) the story randomly changes to a different child getting punished over her outfit midway, 3) in both cases, people just whined on facebook"
5psqgo,8 gadgets that make ski trips infinitely better,,"phone charger, a jacket, GoPro, GoPro holder, a smart watch, a ""sports tracker"", and a heated jacket"
79gv91,This Woman Sent the Obamas a Wedding Invite and Their Response Was PRICELESS,,"They sent them a congratulatory letter, and apparently they do this all the time."
kcvo04,Eddie Van Halen's Cause of Death Revealed,,"Stroke, with myelodysplastic syndrome, pneumonia, and blood cancer listed as underlying causes"
a9g7tu,"The Real-Life Diet of Skip Bayless, Who Eats the Exact Same Meal Ten Times a Week",,chicken and broccoli without sauce
62t1g6,Why PC is the best place to play Mass Effect Andromeda,,"It runs better, looks better, and has more options than the console versions, like any other PC game."
gf1dvi,"""THIS Breaking Bad Actor To Play Batman In Todd Phillips & Joaquin Phoenix’s Jokerverse?""",,Aaron Paul is one of four other actors being considered for the role.
q6n5ns,TikToker Shares How to Get 2 Burgers for the Price of One at Five Guys,,"Get extra free toppings and an extra bun, then separate the double patty into two burgers and top them."
5je7do,Fix Low Game FPS in Windows 10 by Disabling This Feature,,Game DVR
4usgiq,How To Play Pokémon Go In Your Car Without Mowing Down Trees Or People,,"Basically, the whole article is ""play while walking instead of driving"""
rh7gzo,"Wait, you can't download Windows 11 until you've done these two things",,"Have a Microsoft account, and connect to the internet"
m70ohp,This supermarket trick makes me fume,,"People who stand in the queue with 1 item hoping to be allowed to cut in front, then their partner joins them with more shopping"
5cuoy0,"How To Make Your Old, Slow Computer Like-New Again (It’s Easier And More Affordable Than You Think!)",,"Ad for Xtra-PC, a cheap flash drive that runs Linux, a free OS. It's making you pay for something that's free."
976gse,"Netflix users, pay attention to this very well organized scam. A lot of users fell in the trap.",,It's a standard phishing email
8cofk2,Is Fortnite shutting down? Rumour claims Battle Royale will end on May 24 – here’s the truth,,"It's not, it was a really obvious fake tweet that circulated."
4qmd04,The Queen Had a Perfectly British Response to Brexit - Spoken like true royalty.,,"Martin McGuinness asked how she was doing. She responded, ""Well, I'm still alive, anyway."""
4pcqro,Obama Asked Celebrities to Help Push Gun Control. This is What Mike Rowe Did Instead…,,"He was not asked, and retains a neutral stance on gun control"
6mwpat,This was the most popular product sold on Amazon Prime Day,,Amazon Echo Dot. Surprise!
fxrqlw,Mississippi State Football Coach Must Visit Civil Rights Museum After Noose Tweet,,"He tweeted a meme showing a woman knitting a noose with the caption “After 2 weeks of quarantine with her husband, Gertrude decided to knit him a scarf.”"
4jm73v,Woah! See HOW MUCH Arsenio Just Sued Sinead O'Connor For Over Prince …,,$5m
7669pk,Amazon sent me a $339 item I didn't order... What happens next is crazy,,"Amazon accidentally sent him bedsheets, and let him keep them."
dxodzg,New Report Reveals the Insane Hours Average Anime Animators Work,,"""Roughly ""11.5 hours per day"". The average pay for those in the industry tends to be around $40,000 USD annually, 40% saying they get less for the same hours"""
5t9q4i,What That Black Diamond On A Tape Measure Is Actually For,,The markings allow for five trusses to be made in an eight-foot space.
51nh50,You'll Never Believe How Many Lawyers are Psychopaths,,"No number given, they rank second behind CEO's according to research."
5of7ug,Doctors Are Pleading Parents To Stop Letting Their Kids Eat Hot Cheetos,,They can give you nasty heart burn and the red dye can turn your stool red.
5tt5f9,"Flu Death Rates Just Hit the Epidemic Threshold, but This Is the Real Shocker",,Researchers appear to have correctly predicted the dominant flu strains this year.
8cnmyg,This One Product From Lush Has Gone Viral And You Need To See Why,,"""Dream Cream"" lotion cleared up a baby's eczema."
69o5qz,Does This Pic Of Women In Bath Look Normal To You? Look Closer And You Will Find Something Sinister.,,Smiling guy getting a free show through a window
gm8cvz,Stranger Things Season 4: Eleven aka Millie Bobby Brown's DEATH CONFIRMED by Duffer Brothers,,"Absolutely nothing about it. Just fluff ending with ""The plot for season 4 is nothing to find right now, but it is rumored that Eleven will die in the fourth season."""
c3vc5g,I did a plank every day for 3 months with my husband. This is what happened,,"No difference in abs, but thinks about fitness more often"
5alr4s,You'll Never Guess Who Mitt Romney Dressed Up As For Halloween,,Himself
g5205b,The 1 Secret Ingredient Bobby Flay Uses to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs,,Creme fraiche
a8efpx,"70% Stock Market Crash to strike January 1st, Economist warns",,"the article links to a 20 minute video that says there should have been a crash in 2014, but $5.1 trillion “secret investors” have propped it up and now they won’t."
fi4zk5,Will warming spring temperatures slow the coronavirus outbreak?,,"Likely yes, but not 100%. A lot of other coronaviruses do, but for COVID-19 we can't tell just yet."
5v7dzl,Mary Poppins is Not As Good As You Remember,,OP either doesn't understand or doesn't care that Mr. Banks' character arc is central to the movie and thinks his scenes are a waste of time.
6nsxoa,"When A Man Poured Molten Metal Into An Abandoned Ant Nest, What He Dug Up Showed Something Magical",,A piece of metal shaped like the nest.
gmoymf,So Turns Out Goofy Was Not A Dog As Per The Voice Actor. Our Childhood Was A Frikkin Lie!,,"Not a dog, rather dog-like. He’s just Goofy."
pan236,Marvel's Shang-Chi Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Out,,It’s 94%
rz9u8f,"Daredevil Season 4 is Confirmed: Release Date, Cast, Plot – Charlie Cox is Returning",,"Daredevil Season 4 is not confirmed, thus no release date, cast, or plot info are known"
5k2a9z,There's A Massive Metal Dragon Hiding Inside Earth's Outer Core,,"There isn't. There is, however, a dense cylinder of fast moving molten Iron inside the Outer Core."
e4nxbt,Princess Beatrice shock: Could royal lose claim to throne due to Edoardo marriage?,,No.
s1bj12,Latest on Covid reinfections and whether you can catch Omicron variant twice in a month,,No-one knows yet (but probably not)
o6l6dm,Woman causes moms to ‘burst into tears’ by asking one simple question: ‘No one asks us that question ever’,,‘how are you?’
523je9,New Texas Home Refinance Plan Banks Don't Want You To Know,,Refinance using HARP
kk2x85,"The KFConsole is real, and it boasts one big advantage over the PS5 and Xbox Series X",,It warms chicken inside
5l3k50,Here's the ONE detail everyone missed in Home Alone,,Kevin's Dad accidentally throw's away Kevin's boarding pass when cleaning up a spill. .
fhwaaw,"Rowan Atkinson's Car Cost him $12.2M, and This is What it Looks Like",,No mention of Rowan's car.
59vymx,Cancer From Chemicals? 3 Household Products That Are Known Carcinogens,,"Air fresheners, cleaning products and dryer sheets"
l7unqk,"Where to Put a Gallery Wall in Your Home, According to the Experts",,"Anywhere: Frequently-used spaces, small rooms, bedrooms, offices"
6nmuk7,A Fatal Air Accident In Golders Green,,It happened in 1920.
65vr3x,Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world,,Put your time and money toward direct pro-environment causes
bftrsb,India is now a world leader in renewable energy. Here's how,,"The government set a clean energy goal, and they invested money to reach this goal."
9c4v24,"WANNABE A STAR? Can you still apply for The X Factor 2018, when are the auditions and what’s the deadline for applications?",,"No, the auditions have already taken place and the applications closed in June. ("
l1beeo,"This Will Be the #1 Pizza Chain in 2021, Experts Say",,Dominoes.
593o81,Do six people die for every kilo of cocaine?,,No. [BBC News]
9t4q96,"A Selfie Of This Adorable Dog And His Owner Went Viral, Then The Police Saw It",,Police thought the dog was a pitbull which is illegal in their town. Owner refused to give the dog up and was fined $500. Turns out it wasn’t a pitbull and it go dismissed in court
6npxg5,Facebook brings back the Pride reaction—but there is a catch,,The feature will only be available in areas hosting pride celebrations.
pdksgt,"""Old"" developers are in demand at this tech company. You'll never believe the job post",,"The last paragraph says ""We hire old people (and young ones too.)"
b53sm5,"Green Book: Before You Start Wondering If Mahershala Ali is A Piano Prodigy, Read This",,"Ali wasn’t playing the piano, they used the film composers hands in the shots the actor was ‘playing’ 😐"
f5e79i,Owning a Dog Can Be Great For Your Well-being. But There is a Small Risk,,Walking your dog as an elderly person may cause fractures.
a1xe05,I Just Realized What Cruella De Vil's Name Actually Means,,It means cruel devil
9aq913,This is What it Means if Slow Walkers Make You Furious,,You might be stressed out and should try to calm down
52vh9h,Lot of Pokémon Go players demanding refunds after latest update due to this reason,,Jailbroken / Rooted players are being blocked from playing the game after the latest update
5fqvcr,MSM Admits Soros Donated $10 Million This Week… Guess Where It Went,,Jill Stein for the Recount Effort
4thw80,This is what happens if you cheat at Pokemon Go,,You'll most likely get banned
ac5v38,"NASA asteroid WARNING: Giant space rock heading to Earth at 20,000 MPH this FRIDAY",,...but will miss Earth by 3 million miles
j7bd3n,[iPhone keyboard trick that will change the way you text forever],,You can move the cursor whilst using the keyboard by long pressing the spacebar and moving it like a mouse.
g0lg9g,Bus Driver Makes An Unexpected Move After Seeing Man In A Wheelchair,,"Nobody gave up their seat, so driver kicked everyone off, gave private ride to guy"
bt46rx,Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to list their jobs on royal baby Archie’s birth certificate—here’s what they said,,Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom
pni5mn,Why We’re Experiencing So Many Unusually Hot Summer Nights,,Climate change and urbanization
78mbjk,How Does This Man Only Spend $2.75 A Year On Food And Eats Like A King?,,He Dumpster Dives.
9togzn,Stardew Valley Android Release Date News,,we dont know when its being released
5q5vkc,Internet erupts over the name Mike Pence reportedly calls his wife,,"""Mother."" He calls his wife ""Mother."" [aol]"
5dofwn,That Story of a Polar Bear Petting a Dog Just Took a Dark Turn,,Unrelated Bear Near Same Park Shot For Killing Unrelated Dog
5f8cqj,This is the MacBook Pro accessory I use every day,,"A dock with more ports. Written before Apple announced the new MacBooks, by the way. [Business Insider]"
5r88xy,Senate Dems Finally Grow Spine In BOLD SCOTUS Move That Will Make Trump FURIOUS (DETAILS),,They seem poised to filibuster any nominee
5zm4uy,"Judge Dismisses Grateful Teen’s Ticket, But Only On One Condition — And Mom Can’t Stop Smiling",,Asks teen to attend and graduate college.
fuscp6,"When Scientists Scanned Beneath The Antarctic Ice, They Found A Secret That Could Change Our Future",,"It's a big ol' trench, over 10,000km below sea level. And climate change is bad. Over ."
a06vuc,"Google Home Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot, Which Is Better?",,Either are fine. Amazon is slightly better. Google catching up fast.
6aveuz,Unarmed Airsoft Player kills whole team without firing a single shot using impossible method,,"Airsoft is apparently also tag, he just tagged them"
8chl68,Here's why Tax Day is April 17,,"The 15th is a Sunday, and the 16th is a holiday in Washington DC"
pv658s,Brazil striker Hulk announces 'niece' is pregnant with his child in social media post,,it's the niece of his ex-wife
6gaayg,Pope Francis Delivers A Stern Warning To Every Republican Who Supports Trump,,"""It’s hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee or someone seeking help."""
5fb41b,"Look Closely At This Photo of Two Cops, It’s Going Viral For One STUNNING Reason",,"They are husband and wife, and are saying not all cops are bad."
aph6rl,Terminator Reboot Title Officially Revealed,,"Terminator: Dark Fate. It will be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with Cameron serving as executive producer and Tim Miller directing the film. It will star Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger."
54qcse,Hilary Regrets Releasing Her IQ Score,,It's 140
4ts37n,Millions of Americans Don't Want This Online!,,Your Arrest Record
pj72jf,"Doctors in these states could soon be forced to make tough choices about who gets an ICU bed, Fauci says",,"The eight states that have more than 90% of their adult ICU beds occupied are Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Nevada and Kentucky"
hmapcj,NASA’s SLS rocket tore open like a tin can,,It was a planned stress test
6e070d,Doctors Warn Women Everywhere To Throw Out Their Cheap Loofahs Right Now,,"Synthetic loofas harbor yeast, mold, mildew, and bacteria when left in a tub."
71yvzn,How Namibia responded to Trump inventing a country called ‘Nambia’,,They didn't.
mx6yg9,"Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID, Says Dr. Fauci",,"Suffering from post-acute COVID syndrome (extreme fatigue, achey muscles, feeling unnaturally cold)"
6kthxr,The Chase: Viewers OUTRAGED as show bosses make THIS disastrous Anne Hegerty blunder,,"The shows producers promoted the wrong Twitter account as they wanted viewers to tweet the Chaser. They promoted @ITVthegoverness, but Anne's actual Twitter account is @anne_hegerty"
fud4zr,This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Sleep With Socks On,,You fall asleep 15 minutes faster.
d1sj9k,The Voracious and Invasive Lionfish Is Taking Over the Atlantic. Here's Why.,,Pet owners dump them in the Atlantic when they don't want them.
7lt931,Get Free Unlimited Google Drive Storage,,Only if you have a .edu Google for Education account
5viraj,Mom Had Just Given Birth When She Looked Down And Got The Shock Of Her Lifetime,,"She was expecting a girl but had a baby boy. She named him Theo, ."
biqwso,Amazon Drops a Bombshell -- and It Could Be a Game Changer,,Amazon wants to make one-day shipping standard for Prime members.
et2bnl,People Have Been Forbidden From Entering This Place For 100 Years For A Chilling Reason,,Zone Rouge in France. Area(s) too contaminated by unexploded shells and heavy metals from World War I.
d0fmxn,Having Any Of These VHS Tapes Will Make You A Small Fortune,,Black Diamond Editions of Disney Classics
5rabm8,Should You Sleep Naked?,,"Wear what you want to wear. Includes this wonderful tip: If your feet are cold, try wearing socks!"
5bhhs1,What Happens When 6 Real Women Try Kylie Jenner’s Boob Trick,,The trick? She wears a padded bra. The result? The padded bras made the women's boobs look bigger
sr6ge2,"Man Drives One Million Miles in His Volvo, Gets New One, but With a Catch",,He told his dad he'd drive a million miles in that car but his dad died before he hit a million miles.
5d5nt6,This Former Congressional Staffer Just Explained How to Make Your Congressman Actually Listen,,Call them and attend town halls
buvor5,Does the Instant Pot kill nutrients in your food?,,Nope.
728eyr,When Will The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Release?,,"October, early November, late November, November 24, and possibly during Jimmy Kimmel Live"
8l15mb,Bill Gates says read this book if you want to be a better manager,,"""Measure What Matters"" by John Doerr"
m5urfx,16 TV Mums That Will Always Be Our Favourites,,Number 1 is Lucy from Rugrats
53f7bi,8 Remedies For Sciatica Pain You Need to Try Before Putting Another Painkiller in Your Mouth,,"Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Ice Pack, Alternate Temperatures, Yoga, Massage Herbs/Oils, and Sleep"
63vp8a,"The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think",,"in, addiction is influenced heavily by your environment. Not just the chemicals."
egiwvy,Spider-Man 3 Reportedly Features A Team-Up That’ll Make Fans Very Happy,,Matt Murdock (Daredevil) as Peter Parker's lawyer.
6wgakf,I was an unwed teen and had to tell my pastor father. What happened next was an incredible shock,,"The author's father accepted her. The article is mainly about how her father used grace to accept her, and says that Maddi Runkles' situation is terrible."
7jec2d,Scientists find key to blocking unwanted thoughts,,It's the chemical Gaba
ovc9kb,Can masturbating REALLY boost your immune system and fight Covid?,,No.
6coq2f,Brain Zaps Will Take You From Average to Genius,,DARPA is funding new behavior studies in rodents where they will stimulate the vagal nerve to determine if there is an effect on the animals' perception.
5lgx1z,"""Jenna Jameson's Net Worth Doesn't Even Make Sense""",,This links to a list of various celebrities' purported net worth. George Lucas is at the top. Jenna Jameson is not even in the list. .
bhxols,[SPOILERS] When's the best time to go to the bathroom during 'Avengers: Endgame'?,,"Don't. But if you must, you can try: about 60 mins in; about 70 mins in; about 130 mins in; when a character you don't care about is doing a thing (RISKY); about 170 mins in."
7jv7ni,I tried a luxury bus line and Amtrak. Here's the clear winner,—-and-it-was-way-better-than-amtrak/ss-BBFBcCa?ocid=spartandhp,The luxury bus line
5wdyba,There's a New Push to Make Obama President Again; You Won't Believe Where...,,France
53os2u,Are One Direction back together?,,No.
6yt4su,Pilot Took Selfies Whilst Leaning Out Of The Cockpit Window And Left His Instagram Followers In Disbelief,,"Its photoshopped, you can see in the reflection in his sunglasses he's just on the ground in an airport."
59cp5c,The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto And Change The World… - Counter Current News,,"Fungus that grows its way out of insects that eat it, as a natural insecticide."
i3ovwk,"In an 8-Hour Day, the Average Worker Is Productive for This Many Hours",,Three
5ae1x6,5yo boy screamed in pain due to his bathing suit,,"The mesh lining wrapped around his penis,"
cd4aqh,Kendall Jenner's Bottle Cap Challenge Receives Huge Backlash,,A few people commented that she left the bottle cap in the ocean. She didn't. (saved you 23 scrolls)
otsuag,The Queen Really Hates Harry and Meghan’s Kid,,She got an exemption for environmental regulation for her Scottish lands
gzanc0,Here's a number that should terrify every Republican on the ballot this fall,,"51, referring to the percent of voters that said they would prefer a Congress controlled by Democrats in 2021"
7kmrd2,Chick-fil-A broke from tradition and opened on a Sunday — and there's an incredible backstory,,"One Chick-fil-A. At an airport that had a power failure. Mayor asked for help for stranded passengers, and Chick-fil-A delivered."
pv7stp,"TOTAL SHUTDOWN Google Maps, Gmail & YouTube will be blocked on MILLIONS of phones within days",,Google plans to block users from signing in with their Google Account on devices using Android 2.3. (< 0.3% of Android devices)
mlnb0t,Man Gives His Girlfriend a Necklace - When She Opens It Two Years Later She Is Left Shaking,,He breaks it open to reveal an engagement ring.
mgdew8,Hairdresser says we all make the same mistake with shampoo when we wash our hair,,you should wash your hair twice not once
54ay4t,9-Year-Old Asks ‘Am I Not Pretty Enough?’ Then The Judges Fire Back With The Perfect Response,,The judges just like her singing
5qea78,Australian Open: Mirka Federer's Gucci sweater causes a social media storm,,People liked how pink it was.
6f2nrm,"Drugs Did Not Contribute to Chris Cornell's Death, Autopsy Finds",,"His death was ruled as a ""suicide by hanging"" [TIME]"
cj26hk,This Is the Only McDonald’s Breakfast Dish That Uses Freshly Cracked Eggs,,The McMuffin
7zx6vw,Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Reveals How Much Bitcoin He Owns,,"""I literally own zero cryptocurrency, apart from .25 BTC that a friend sent me many years ago"""
64qatg,Why the Viral United Airlines Video Kept Getting Deleted From Reddit,,It depicts violence
57nvca,Robert Downey Jr. Wants To Voice The AI Assistant To Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg — Under One Condition,,"For Paul Bettany (the voice of JARVIS, the namesake of Zuckerberg's AI) to get paid and give the money to a charity of Benedict Cumberbatch's (Doctor Strange) choosing."
5oyovh,The 1 Skill Warren Buffett Says Will Raise Your Value by 50 Percent,,Public Speaking.
532g15,I’m a Woman Who Joined Dollar Shave Club. Here’s What Happened...,’m+a+Woman+Who+Joined+Dollar+Shave+Club.+Here’s+What+Happened...,"She liked it. Not surprising, considering this article is hosted on their website."
5adhcw,You Won't Belive What Starbucks is Starting to Serve Now,,It's Alcohol
c8dtc6,Can You Use FaceTime on Windows?,,NO
cafu0t,'Stranger Things': The Highest-Paid Cast Member Might Surprise You,,It's Wynona Rider and David Harbour
85of2i,New Kirby game reveals King Dedede’s secret,,He's bald underneath his hat
78hg5m,11 Year Old Boy Proved That Stephen Hawking Was Wrong. God Does Exist and Here's The Proof.,,No proof. Just talks about a genius kid trying to prove there is no god.
o2p2q0,"If You See This Bug, Call Local Officials Immediately, Experts Warn",,"A kissing bug, because they might carry Chagas disease. The 'local official' you should call is your doctor, or the Nebraska DHHS. The 'Experts' are the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Texas A&M."
5rsdo6,The Most Effective Ways to End an Email So That You Get a Response,,It's thanks in advance.
catno9,"Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release date, PS4 exclusivity, trailer, and everything we know so far",,Literally no information has been released
dw0aiy,Disney+ shows already have one big difference to Netflix,,No opening credits.
7ranvs,Facebook Selfie Helps Solve Mysterious Murder Case,,They found a Facebook selfie that showed her wearing the belt used to strangle her friend. The belt was found on a roadside next to the victim's body. That belt was in a photo posted to the suspect's Facebook account just hours before the killing.
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