The top 10 quietest helmets of 2022 (2023)

Today we will find out which helmet can call itself the quiestest helmet for 2022. Whether you're an adventure rider, or love to tour, a quiet helmet is always better for a rider and you naturally want your helmet to be as quiet as possible. In our years of reviewing helmets, we've tested dozens of helmets on the road in order to come up with actual measurements and comparisons. Whereas in most of our data reviews we compare helmets by category, we're going to do it a little differently this time. In this blog we've put all helmets together, regardless of type or category, to find out which helmet is the quietest in general. Are you curious which helmet is the quietest of 2022? Then make sure to stay tuned!

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General information

Some people like to hear the sound of their motorcycle, but at high speeds the noise can become very unpleasant. When we talk about the noise insulation of a helmet, it is not only personal preference that counts. In fact, a helmet with good noise insulation is very important to protect your hearing. In addition, a silent helmet allows you to communicate better with your fellow riders or listen to music. We took all the segments together and from that we came up with the 10 quietest helmets we have measured to date. Let's go take a look!

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Our first finalist of the top 10 is the Schuberth c5. This helmet will be available on the market later in 2022 and it comes with a recommended retail price of 578 euros. Its predecessor the Schuberth c4 pro also managed to make it to the top 10. The c4 pro, made its entrance into the market in 2018 And comes with a recommended retail price of 429 euros. Next we see both the Shoei NXR 2 with a recommended retail price of 479 euros and the Shoei GT AIR 2 which comes with a recommended retail price of 419 euros. Also the Klim krios pro, the Shark spartan RS 20 Carbon and the Scorpion exo r1 carbon managed to make our top 10. Finally, we see that no less than 3 HJC helmets can be found in the top 10. We see the HJC RPHA 90S Carbon which was introduced in 2019 and comes with a suggested retail price of €535. We see the HJC 70 CARBON introduced in 2020 with a recommended price of 475 and finally we see the HJC I70 which comes with a recommended price of 179. With this price, the HJC I70 is by far the cheapest helmet that managed to make our top 10.

Overall score helmets

A silent helmet is nice, but of course you also want your helmet to ventilate well and to be light and comfortable. Therefore, before we announce which helmet is the quietest of all, let's take a look at how our top 10 performs overall.

Actually, we see that most helmets score consistently well across the board. The C4 Pro, the C5, the GT AIR 2, the NXR 2 and the RPHA 70 carbon and 90S carbon all have an average star rating of 4 stars which is really excellent.

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What stands out is the HJC I70 which performs quite below the level of the rest. With a moderate score for material, comfort and features, it does not compete with the top segment. On the other hand, it comes with a suggested retail price of only 179,- so we can't expect much from it. Now that we know how our top 10 performs overall, it's time to see which one is the quietest.

Final ranking

So! Now that we know how the helmets, in general, perform, it's time to announce the results for noise.

We measure the noise during our road tests with a decibel meter, which is mounted on our bike. This is connected to a microphone at our rider's ear, so we can see exactly the noise as our rider experiences it on the bike. Our rider has ridden long straights on the highway for each helmet and from this the average decibel score is taken. These measurements were all taken at a wind speed between 115 and 130 km/hour. A decibel difference may seem negligible at first glance but at values like these, every decibel difference is clearly audible, so every decibel does matter and is clearly audible! To arrive at a score for noise, we use a score matrix that we have developed especially for the noise insulation component.

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When we look at this matrix we see that there are ranges established to map out the performance or the lack of it for you. The lower the number of decibels, the quieter the helmet is and the higher the number of stars the helmet scores. According to our matrix, a score below 98 decibels yields the ultimate score of 5 stars. Let's go over which helmets scored well on noise.

Since the very quietest helmets are really matched in terms of noise, we came up with a top 3 based on the 10 quietest helmets we have ever measured.

In 3rd place we see the HJC I70, the Shark Spartan RS Carbon and the Schuberth c4 pro. All 3 of these helmets have an average decibel score of 99 which is really top notch. The helmets managed a nice 4 star score for noise. Unfortunately it is not below 98, but a score of 99 decibels is also an extremely good score for noise!

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Now we have arrived at our second place. Here we find The Scorpion EXO R1, the Klim Krios Po, the Schuberth C5 and the Shoei NXR 2. All 4 of these helmets managed to be just 1 decibel quieter than the numbers 3 and came up with an average score of 98 on the decibel meter. Also a score of 98 is very good and it will not get much quieter than this!

Now we arrive at our number ones, namely the Shoei GT AIR 2, the HJC RPHA 70 Carbon and the HJC RPHA 90S Carbon. All 3 of these helmets managed to achieve a top score of 97. So they were 1 decibel quieter than the 98 decibel in our matrix and therefore they deserve the full 5 stars for noise insulation. All 3 of these helmets not only scored well on noise, they also scored consistently well on the other criteria.

The top 10 quietest helmets of 2022 (1)

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This brings us to the end of this video. We have seen, that the helmets have all shown excellent scores for the noise part, but the HJC RPHA 70 Carbon, the HJC RPHA 90S Carbon and the Shoei GT AIR 2 were able to do a little better and therefore may take the title: ''quietest helmet of 2022''. It is striking to see that 2 of the 3 quietest helmets are from HJC, who once again proves to be very strong on sound insulation.

If 1 of these helmets is something for you, then be sure to check out our webshop where we offer the lowest price guarantee and various discount bundles. If you have any further questions or comments, be sure to contact us. Thanks for looking, my name is Liv from Champion Helmets and until next time!


Do full-face helmets reduce noise? ›

Of the many types of motorcycle helmets, full-face helmets offer the most wind and noise protection in addition to being the safest helmet type in general. If you have a helmet with a visor, such as a modular helmet, put your visor down as riding with the visor up will create a lot of wind noise.

What is the most advanced helmet in the world? ›

The Jarvish X-AR has a carbon fiber shell, cooling vents and comes with an industry standard ECE 22.05 safety rating. In a modern helmet, we've come to expect nothing less. It's the technology built into the lid that'll make it the most advanced motorcycle on the market.

What helmet does the FBI use? ›

The Ops-Core Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) Helmet, also known as the FAST helmet, is an American combat helmet used by special operations forces and law enforcement organizations in various countries, as well as the current standard protective headgear of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Which is the No 1 helmet in the world? ›

1. Bell Helmets. Established in 1954, this US-based brand is popular for its lightweight headgears with detailed designs.

Which is the number 1 helmet in the world? ›

1. Steelbird. Established in 1964, Steelbird is a leading manufacturer of bike accessories throughout the world. The brand is popular for its trendy, visually appealing and most importantly, highly safe helmets.

Which helmet brand is best? ›

Best Helmet Brands in India
  1. AGV | Rating: 4.8 Out of 5. (Source: cdn.shopify) ...
  2. Axor | Ratings: 4.5 Out of 5. (Source: Amazon) ...
  3. Steelbird | Ratings: 4.3 Out of 5. ...
  4. Vega | Ratings: 4.2 Out of 5. ...
  5. Aaron | Rating: 4.2 Out of 5. ...
  6. Studds | Ratings: 4.2 Out of 5. ...
  7. GLIDERS | Ratings: 3.9 Out of 5. ...
  8. LS2 | Ratings: 3.7 Out of 5.

How do I stop my motorcycle helmet from making a wind noise? ›

A scarf wrapped around your neck and tucked tightly up into your helmet will create a significant reduction in noise. Pair this with a balaclava and things will quieten down significantly.

Are modular helmets quieter than full-face? ›

Yes, full-face helmets are quieter than modular helmets. This is because they have a better aerodynamic design. The full-face model is one-piece construction. It lacks the flip-up components that cause increased wind resistance and turbulence.

What makes a quiet motorcycle helmet? ›

Noise Reduction Features

The first things to note are the low bottom edge and flat neck roll. Both drive airflow away from the bottom opening and reduce wind noise. This thing is a quiet full-face helmet; it also stays quiet with the vents open – and there are many of them.

Are full-face helmets quieter than modular? ›

But modular helmets offer better noise protection than full-face lids. So they generally make for the quietest motorcycle helmets.

Do quiet motorcycles exist? ›

You may be thinking, “quiet motorcycles…how is that possible?” In fact, they already exist—but you might have trouble getting a Harley-riding neighbor to embrace them. For many bikers, noise equals power. But in the case of electric motorcycles there is reason to believe that quiet is powerful too!

How quiet should a motorcycle helmet be? ›

There is no such thing as a quiet helmet, period. Noise levels over 85 dB or so can damage hearing, and a motorcycle idles around 80 dB. So once you're moving and the wind is adding to the sound volume, you're into dangerous noise levels which can permanently damage your hearing.


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