The Office: The Main Characters, Ranked By Wealth (2023)

By Lynn Gibbs

Not every Dunder Mifflin employee gets paid the same salary or has the same expenses. Who on The Office is totally rich and who's barely getting by?

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For nine seasons,The Office fans saw Dunder Mifflin's employees "hard" at workselling paper in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Like every business, not all positions are created equal and as a result, the characters shared differences in salaries and lifestyles.

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But who was the wealthiest out of the bunch? To calculate this properly, far more than what they were paid from Dunder Mifflin needs to be taken into account. From the homes they live in to the mistakes they've made at work to their shopping habits, who had the smarts to bring home the most bacon— and keep it there?



Kelly Kapoor

As a customer service agent at Dunder Mifflin, who's been working there for around eight to 10 years, Kelly was probably one of the lowest paid worker at Dunder Mifflin.Reddit users suggest she makes anywhere around $25,000 and $37,000, but what about her lifestyle?

Viewers don't know much about her living situation butaccounting for her love of clothes and cool trends, it's assumed most of Kelly's money goes to fashion and living above her means. She's also seen paying for Ryan a lot, which could mean any extra money she has goes to her relationship.

Pam Beesley

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Pam Beesley is a hard worker when she puts her mind to something, but she was in such a rut for so many years that she didn't realize that she wasn't really thriving. As a receptionist for over five years, she most likely earned around $30,000 annually. But when she put her job on hold to go to art school, she inevitably lost money.

Working part-time wasn't bringing in the bucks and Pam spent her savings on art school and living in New York. She later went a few months without a paycheck when she joined the Michael Scott Paper Company. The most money she made ($41,500) was when she was the office administrator because shewas miserable at sales.

Kevin Malone

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Since Kevin was initially interviewing for a warehouse position, Michael probably hired him as an accountant for cheap. As a professional accountant, Kevin probably earns around $37,000 and $50,000.

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The problem is, Kevin isn't the brightest person when it comes to numbers (pies are a different story). He made up his own number — "Keleven"— and has unintentionally committed fraud. However, he had enough money saved from the show to buy Poor Richards. As a business owner, this makes him wealthier than Kelly and Pam.

Phyllis Vance

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Before Andy came to town, it was noted that Phyllis was the lowest-performing saleswoman on staff. Working under the like of Jim, Dwight, and Stanley was no easy feat but Phyllis was a real go-getter.

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As a saleswoman with no cap (before Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin), Phyllis most likely brought home around $40,000. She's also married to a very successful businessman who spent $1,000 just to hug her. Others may worry about money but Phyllis seems very comfortable with herrole knowing that she has Bob's income as a backup.

Oscar Martinez

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As the second accountant in charge, Oscar most likely made around $42,000+. He was very intelligent and good at his jobandoften found mistakes that were missed by Angela and Kevin.

Seeing how professional Oscar is, it's evident he's good with finances in his personal life. He had a very respectable home when Dwight showed up in "The Secret." And when Angela moved in with him, the aesthetic looked rich. However, by the series finale, Oscar was running for State Senator, which takes money to do. Overall, Oscar may have struggled in his private life but not financially.

Angela Martin

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As the head accountant, Angela most likely earned a little more than Oscar. The difference between them is that it appears Angela lost a lot of her money when she got divorced.She had too many cats, a child to tend to, and she was evicted from her home.

But when she married Dwight,Angela's stock went up. She was now co-running Dwight's beet farm and most likely helped him with his multiple properties.

Michael Scott

The Office: The Main Characters, Ranked By Wealth (8)

As the regional manager for Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott had been working for the company for around 18 years. And while he asked for a 12% raise from Jan after years of not getting any raise, he was more fixated on the perks of the job than the actual paycheck. Sadly, when Jan lost her job and moved in with Michael, she took most of his money.He had to work two jobs before declaring bankruptcy. Things turned around for Michael when Sabre took over and he had the chance to earn more as a salesman than he could as a manager, but the change proved itself too difficult for Michael.

Over the years, it was proven that Michael was awful with money (pyramid schemes, hiding cash in his shoe, spending his own money on company parties...) butReddit thinks he made somewhere around $60,000+.

Stanley Hudson

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Stanley Hudson is a quiet but strong character. He's not seen on too many sales calls but he's one of the strongest salesmen under Dwight and Jim. He was able to retire early, sendhis kids to private school, and he move to Florida

Stanley wasn't a man who lived outside his means— unless it meant wining and dining a new lady friend— and always had a plan for his finances. As a salesman, his salary would roughly be around $45,000 and $50,000, depending on his sales.

Jim Halpert

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Jim started working at Dunder Mifflin between 1998 and 1999, which means he worked for the company for around 14-15 years before leaving inseason 9.

As one of the top salesmen at Dunder Mifflin, Jim had the ability to save up while living with roommates andhad enough to buy his parents' house.He and Dwight even created a scheme to earn more sales when Sabre put a cap on their income. Jim also got a pay raise when he became co-manager with Michael.

While he spent countless hours and money on pranking Dwight,Jim became responsible with his money when he got together with Pam. He was able to give $10,000 of his own money to Athlead, put his children through daycare, and be a homeowner. Jim wasn't the wealthiest of the bunch but he wasn't hurting.

Dwight Schrute

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Dwight has beenat Dunder Mifflin for around 20 years and is one of its most successful employees. Not only is he consistently the best salesman in the office but he's strategic about business. Once he started making more sales under Sabre, he took Jo's advice and bought property (i.e. the business complex Dunder Mifflin was in). On top of that, he owns a 60-acre beet farm with a nine-bedroom home that he also uses as a bed and breakfast. He even said he had money buried on his farm in case he was ever in a rut. He also got a raise when he became the regional manager in season9.

As eccentric as Dwight is, he is by far the most successful.

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