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Not only can Marriott points holders earn a 10% bonus when transferring points to United miles, but those who have elite status with either Marriott or United can benefit from the RewardsPlus program. RewardsPlus is a partnership between the Marriott and United loyalty programs that give elites reciprocal elite status in the other program.

Here’s what you need to know to maximize the RewardsPlus partnership and capitalize on the Marriott-United status match program.

Marriott elites become United elites and vice versa

If you have Titanium Elite or Ambassador Elite status in the Marriott Bonvoy program, you can claim Premier Silver status in United’s MileagePlus loyalty program.

On the flip side, if you have Premier Gold status with United, you can claim Gold Elite status in Marriott Bonvoy.

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What you'll get with the Marriott and United status match

If you match from Marriott to United: You’ll get Premier Silver elite status in the airline loyalty program, which includes perks like:

  • Complimentary access to preferred seating at booking and economy plus seats at check-in for you and a companion.

  • Complimentary day-of-departure upgrades.

  • One free checked bag up to 70 pounds (32 kilograms) on United economy flights or three free checked bags when flying in a premium cabin.

  • Group 2 priority boarding.

  • 7x award miles when flying on United.

  • 25% bonus United miles when flying on Star Alliance partners.

  • Expanded award availability.

  • Other perks like a discount for Clear, Hertz Five Star elite status and reduced fees.

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If you match from United to Marriott: You’ll get Gold Elite status, Marriott’s second tier in the hotel loyalty program. Getting Marriott elite status with United comes with perks like:

How to qualify for the necessary Marriott and United elite tiers

Here are the requirements for earning the status level needed to qualify for the reciprocal status match in both programs.

Marriott: To reach Titanium Elite, stay at least 75 nights at a participating Marriott property in one calendar year. If you have a Marriott-branded credit card, qualifying is a little easier because card perks include a 15 elite night credit bonus towards your status. If you have a personal and business credit card from Marriott, you can get a total of 30 elite night credits, putting you only 45 elite nights away from Titanium status.

Ambassador Elite has even steeper requirements: Spend at least 100 nights a year at Marriott properties and over $20,000 in qualifying expenses at hotels.

United: Premier Gold on United requires completing four segments on United/United Express and amassing either: 8,000 Premier Qualifying Points (PQP) and 24 Premier Qualifying Flights (PQF) or 10,000 PQP. 1 PQP = $1 dollar spent on flights and other purchases (i.e. economy seats, upgrade copays and more but taxes are excluded). You can also earn PQP from holding United’s credit cards, which can make it easier to reach Gold status.

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How Marriott elites get access to United Silver status

Marriott Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite members can request their complimentary United Silver elite status by going to Marriott's RewardsPlus portal. Click the “Join RewardsPlus” link to begin the process.

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You’ll be prompted to log in to your Marriott Bonvoy account. Then enter your United MileagePlus account number to link your accounts.

The confirmation page says it will take seven to 10 days for your elite benefits to be effective. However, you may see your status updated as quickly as the next day.

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How United elites get access to Marriott status

United Premier Gold, Platinum and 1K elite members can get Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status by going to United's MileagePlus portal.

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Enter your MileagePlus number, password and email address, accept the terms and conditions, and click “Register for status.” Follow the instructions to link your accounts.

Get bonus United miles when you transfer Marriott points

All Marriott Bonvoy members can transfer points to more than 40 different airlines including United, usually at a 3:1 ratio. However, members transferring Marriott points to United miles get a 10% bonus. That boosts the transfer ratio to 3:1.1. You do not need to have elite status to get the 10% bonus.

That may not sound like a lot, but this bonus can add up. Say you need 11,000 United miles to book an award. You’ll save 3,000 Marriott points because you need to transfer only 30,000 Marriott Bonvoy points instead of 33,000 points.

It gets even better when you combine this bonus with Marriott’s standard transfer bonus for all Bonvoy members. For every 60,000 Marriott points transferred, Marriott adds on another 5,000 bonus miles. For transfers to most airlines, that means you’ll get 25,000 miles for transferring 60,000 points.

Note that this transfer bonus does not apply to American, Delta, Avianca or Korean Air.

RewardsPlus members who transfer 60,000 Bonvoy points to United get 27,500 miles with the 10% bonus. After factoring in the two bonuses, you will get a nearly 2:1 transfer ratio.

It's important to keep in mind what each program’s rewards are worth. Marriott Bonvoy points are worth 0.7 cent each, while United MileagePlus miles are worth 1.2 cents each.

In purely mathematical terms, 60,000 Marriott points are worth $420, while 27,500 United miles are worth $275. However, you need to think about what you would do with the miles/points to determine what the rewards are truly worth to you.

How to transfer Marriott points to United miles

Start on Marriott’s Transfer Points to Miles webpage, then click “Transfer Points.”

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In the window that pops up, select the frequent flyer program you want to transfer to and enter your membership number. Enter the number of Marriott points you wish to transfer.

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The transfer tool will calculate the number of airline miles you’ll receive at the standard transfer ratio. This calculation won’t reflect the 5,000-mile bonus for transferring at least 60,000 points or your 10% RewardsPlus bonus. So, you’ll need to mentally factor in both when transferring Marriott points to United miles.

Top off your Marriott Bonvoy account with United miles

What if you need some Marriott Bonvoy points? The good news is that United MileagePlus Premier members can transfer miles to Marriott Bonvoy. The bad news? The transfer rate is only 1:1.

United miles are generally more valuable than Marriott Bonvoy points. That’s why it can be a good deal to transfer Marriott points to United at a 3:1.1 transfer ratio. However, transferring points from United to Marriott at a 1:1 ratio is harder to justify.

So convert your United miles to Marriott points only when you’re within striking distance of a Marriott hotel stay. You’re limited to transferring 100,000 United miles to Marriott points each calendar year. There’s a minimum transfer of 500 miles.

How to transfer United miles to Marriott points

To transfer United miles to Marriott Bonvoy points, start on this United webpage.

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Enter your MileagePlus number and password, then agree to the terms and conditions. Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your Marriott Bonvoy account number. Then enter the number of miles you want to transfer.

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Final thoughts on the United-Marriott RewardsPlus status match

Reciprocal elite status and earning bonus points on transfers are nice perks of the RewardsPlus partnership. If you’re eligible, go ahead and enroll. It’s free. Then you can enjoy status in both programs instead of just one. And keep the point-transfer options in mind for the next time you need to top off your United MileagePlus or Marriott Bonvoy account.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2023, including those best for:

  • Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

  • No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

  • Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

  • Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

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  • Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card


How do I get Marriott status on United? ›

Eligible United MileagePlus members who wish to enjoy the benefits of Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status must register and be confirmed through the RewardsPlus program at To enjoy Gold Elite benefits, members must enter their Marriott Bonvoy number when booking stays with Marriott.

How do I get silver status on United with Marriott? ›

Marriott Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite members can request their complimentary United Silver elite status by going to Marriott's RewardsPlus portal. Click the “Join RewardsPlus” link to begin the process. You'll be prompted to log in to your Marriott Bonvoy account.

Will United extend status to 2023? ›

All PlusPoints that expire on July 31, 2022, or January 31, 2023, will automatically be extended by six months.
Your PlusPoints are getting an upgrade.
Current PlusPoints expiration dateNew expiration date
1 more row

How many times can you status match with United? ›

You can only request a United status match once every five years. The United status match program is only open to loyalty members of other airlines who have not participated in a United status match within the last few years.

Is it worth it to convert Marriott points to United miles? ›

Marriott has an impressive list of 38 partner airline loyalty programs. You can transfer your Marriott points to familiar programs like United MileagePlus and Delta SkyMiles. But doing so usually won't provide good value unless you're topping off your account balance to get to a specific redemption.

Is United Premier 1K worth it? ›

The bottom line

If you're a frequent United flyer, becoming a Premier 1K member may be a good idea for you. Although it's costly, the benefits you'll receive are expansive. These include complimentary upgrades, free checked baggage, Marriott elite status and more.

Is it hard to get United silver? ›

To earn the base level Silver Premier status, you'll need to earn 12 PQFs and 4,000 PQP or 5,000 PQP. In addition, you'll need to fly at least 4 flight segments on United or United Express.

Does United silver status get lounge access? ›

However, it is not as robust as Star Alliance Gold, and it lacks popular perks like access to member lounges when flying internationally. Its only real benefits are priority waitlisting for reservations and airport standby.

How long does Silver status last United? ›

For example, if you qualify for Premier Silver status in June 2023, you'll keep your status through Jan. 31, 2025. You can request a United status match up to United Premier Platinum for 120 days.

Will I lose my United status? ›

The program year with United Airlines runs through Jan. 31 of the following year. Thus, your status is good for the year you earn it, all of the following year and a month into the next year.

How to get PQP United without flying? ›

If you're unable to take a flight, try earning PQPs by spending on eligible United credit cards. The type of United credit card you have determines how much you'll need to spend to get a PQP boost and the number of PQPs you'll earn.

Is United carrying over status? ›

United will do the same starting in 2023. From 2023 onward, United and United Express flights booked using MileagePlus miles will count toward Premier Status – though flights on partner airlines like Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, or Lufthansa will not.

How long does it take to status match with United? ›

Completing the Status Match Request

You can expect a response to your request within 7 to 14 business days. Requests are being accepted between January 5, 2023, and June 30, 2023.

How does United calculate PQP? ›

Members will earn 1 PQF per United or United Express award segment flown. Members will earn 1 PQP per 100 miles redeemed for a United or United Express award ticket. PQP accrual will be recorded in members' MileagePlus accounts on a segment-by-segment basis.

How long do you have to earn United status? ›

To qualify for any status with United, you must fly at least four paid segments on United or United Express in a calendar year. Those four paid flights will also count as PQFs, assuming you don't book in basic economy. Here's how accruals on basic economy fares compare with standard fares.

Is it smart to buy miles with United? ›

While there are savings to be had, it's not always a good idea to purchase miles unless you have a specific trip in mind. If you do opt to purchase miles, consider using a United co-branded credit card to maximize your earnings!

How many Marriott points equal a nights stay? ›

You need anywhere from 5,000 to 70,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for a free night at Residence Inn. There are roughly 900 Residence Inn locations worldwide, and the points needed for a free night vary by hotel category and the season. Most locations fall into categories 3 and 4.

Does buying miles on United count towards status? ›

Do my Personal Miles purchases help me qualify for MileagePlus Premier® status? Personal Miles purchases do not count towards qualification for MileagePlus Premier status levels.

How do you hit United 1K? ›

You must fly 54 PQF and earn 18,000 PQP or earn 24,000 PQP, exclusive of Flex PQP in order to qualify for Premier 1K status. The United Presidential Plus Card is no longer available to new applicants.

Does Premier 1K get lounge access? ›

Those who earn Star Alliance Gold status through United MileagePlus (including Premier Gold, Platinum, and 1K members) can access United Clubs during same day international travel. Access is allowed on departure, during connections, and upon arrival, and these members can bring one guest with them.

Does United 1K status expire? ›

United MileagePlus elite status earned this year will expire on January 31, 2024. After you earn any MileagePlus status level, you will keep it for the rest of the current calendar year, the next calendar year, and January of the following year.

What credit score is needed for United? ›

For a solid chance of an approval when you apply for the United℠ Explorer Card, we recommend having a FICO® Score of 670 or above.

What do you get for 2 million miles on United? ›

Those who cumulatively fly two million revenue miles on United will receive lifetime MileagePlus Premier Platinum status for themselves and one companion. This is United's upper-mid-tier elite status.

Are United lounge drinks free? ›

United Club lounges

United Clubs offer complimentary bar service, drinks and snacks along with free Wi-Fi and spaces to get work done.

How can I get United status fast? ›

Keep in mind that to qualify for any status level with United, you must fly at least four flights operated by United and/or United Express annually. Regardless, if you know how to maximize United's PQP partners, you can earn Premier 1K status without having spent $20,000 on United flights.

What status gets you into United lounge? ›

To get into a United lounge, you'll typically need a United Club membership, elite status, or to be flying in on an eligible business- or first-class flight. Paid United Club memberships cost up to $650, but several credit cards give you access as part of the card's built-in perks.

Can you lose Silver Medallion status? ›

Does Silver Medallion status expire? Silver Medallion status does expire if you do not meet the required amount of flying and spend. That said, each year, you can roll over the EQMs earned beyond status to the next year so it can count for the next year's elite status.

How do I keep my United Silver status? ›

Silver members, for example, will need four qualifying flights and 600 qualifying points, or 700 qualifying points alone, to keep their status through Jan. 31, 2023. The carrier also has introduced a qualifying points bonus, based on status as of July 27, for the first three flights booked from Aug. 6 through Nov.

Does Marriott status reset every year? ›

What is Elite annual processing and when does it take place? Each year, Marriott Bonvoy® works to ensure that all Members' Elite status reflects all previous year's qualifying activity.

Does your United status reset every year? ›

The expiration date for elite status is Jan. 31 each year. To ensure that you maintain your status from year to year, you will need to complete the PQF and PQP requirements for your status level.

Can I pay to upgrade my United status? ›

United Airlines has several options for securing an upgrade, including options earned as a Premier elite member, using miles to upgrade, qualifying for complimentary upgrades, or purchasing a full-fare economy ticket that upgrades instantly.

Is United Gold status worth it? ›

United Gold is worth $3,494, earns 8x miles

Premier Gold status offers higher-priority upgrades, an increased earning rate, two checked bags in economy and Star Alliance Gold status, which grants access to airport lounges when flying internationally on a Star Alliance flight.

How do you get 3000 PQP on United? ›

Only one card earns 500 PQPs for every $12,000 in card spending, up to 3,000 PQPs in a calendar year. The United MileagePlus® Select Card.

Does United roll over PQP? ›

United does not have rollover PQP.

Do airlines match hotel status? ›

Even hotel loyalty programs occasionally have reciprocal status matches/challenges such as the 2020 World of Hyatt and American Airlines agreement or Marriott Bonvoy and United Airlines elite status matching.

How do I maintain my gold elite status at Marriott? ›

Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status
  1. How to earn: Stay at least 25 qualifying nights per calendar year.
  2. Bonus points earned on hotel purchases (including room rates and other incidental charges): 25%.
Feb 9, 2023

How do you tell if United flight is overbooked? ›

However, there is no fixed way to find out if your flight is overbooked. Since overbooking usually happens during peak season, passengers can contact the customer service representatives of their respective airlines and inquire about overbooking.

How strict is United with no carry on? ›

When it comes to carry on size, United are fairly strict. Plus, they will be checking more thoroughly than other airlines given that Basic Economy ticket holders are only permitted to take one personal item. And given that their aircraft is often tight for space, this is where you could quite easily be caught out.

Does United pay for delays? ›

Here's how much you're entitled to: Arrival of 1-2 hours after scheduled time: Compensated 200% of your one-way ticket price (up to $675 USD) Arrival of 2+ hours later than scheduled time for domestic flights: Compensated 400% of your one-way ticket price (up to $1350 USD)

How do I skip waitlist on United? ›

Option 2. Add Skip Waitlist to a flight you've already booked by viewing it in My Trips and selecting “Upgrade”. If the flight is Skip Waitlist-eligible, you'll see it as an available option.

What is the fastest way to get status on United? ›

Spend more on United: The fastest way to earn elite status is to buy more expensive tickets. As seen in the example above, the business/first class flight earns 698 PQP compared to only 128 PQP for the basic economy fare.

What is the fastest way to get Marriott elite status? ›

There are two ways to earn Bonvoy status: by staying at Marriott properties and collecting enough eligible nights, or by holding a Marriott credit card.

How do I get united Polaris status? ›

5 ways to gain United Polaris lounge access
  1. Fly United Polaris class. ...
  2. Fly long-haul international premium class on a Star Alliance member airline. ...
  3. Upgrade to Polaris class using miles. ...
  4. Premier status and credit card upgrades on award tickets. ...
  5. Score a complimentary upgrade.
Feb 10, 2023

How do you get Marriott lifetime elite status? ›

A Lifetime of Member Benefits
  1. Lifetime Silver Elite. 250 qualifying nights + 5 years as Silver Elite or higher. Explore Silver Elite Benefits.
  2. Lifetime Gold Elite. 400 qualifying nights + 7 years as Gold Elite or higher. ...
  3. Lifetime Platinum Elite. 600 qualifying nights + 10 years as Platinum Elite or higher.

Is it hard to get approved for a United card? ›

For a solid chance of an approval when you apply for the United℠ Explorer Card, we recommend having a FICO® Score of 670 or above. Your credit score isn't all that matters on your application, but like other top travel cards, the United℠ Explorer Card is targeted at consumers with good credit.

Can you lose Marriott elite status? ›

How long does Marriott Bonvoy status last? Elite status is valid in the year in which it's earned and an additional 14 months after that year. For example, if you earn elite status in November 2020, the status that you earn is valid until February 28, 2022.

Do free nights count towards Marriott status? ›

Elite Qualifying Nights Summary

Here's a list of the ways you can earn elite qualifying nights. Paid and Award Stays at Marriott Properties — Whether you pay for your hotel nights or use Marriott Bonvoy points, each night stayed will count as an elite qualifying night.

How easy is it to get United status? ›

To become a United MileagePlus Premier member, you need to achieve a certain number of PQF and PQP. To earn the base level Silver Premier status, you'll need to earn 12 PQFs and 4,000 PQP or 5,000 PQP. In addition, you'll need to fly at least 4 flight segments on United or United Express.

Is United status worth it? ›

Airline elite status ratings in 2023

Ratings are on a five-point scale, based on the value and cost to earn each elite tier. Even so, United gives a comparably low value or return on dollars spent to earn status. You'll earn roughly 5 cents per dollar in value compared to ~10 cents offered by Frontier and Alaska.

Does a first class ticket on United get you into the lounge? ›

Restrictions apply for Domestic First Class passengers travelling with United Airlines in the United States, where Domestic First Class customers do not have access to United's Club lounges. You will need to show your boarding pass in Domestic First Class for a Star Alliance member airline operated flight.

Can you get lifetime Titanium elite? ›

Yes, but only for those elites who were grandfathered into the program when Marriott and Starwood merged in 2018. If you had 750 elite nights and 10 years as a Platinum member with either Starwood or Marriott, you received Lifetime Titanium Elite status. It is no longer possible to achieve Lifetime Titanium Elite.

Do elite night credits count towards lifetime? ›

But Titanium Elite members get a 75% bonus. Elite night credits also help you qualify for Bonvoy Lifetime Elite status, which means the Bonvoy points you earn never expire and you keep your elite status forever without having to requalify every year.

Will Marriott extend status 2023? ›

Yes, we extended Members' Elite Status through February 2023, whether earned in 2019 or 2020. Members who earned status in 2021 are already enjoying their status through February 2023.


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