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  • Deferred Compensation Account The Employer shall maintain on its books and records a Deferred Compensation Account to record its liability for future payments of deferred compensation and interest thereon required to be paid to the Employee or his beneficiary pursuant to this Agreement. However, the Employer shall not be required to segregate or earmark any of its assets for the benefit of the Employee or his beneficiary. The amount reflected in said Deferred Compensation Account shall be available for the Employer's general corporate purposes and shall be available to the Employer's general creditors. The amount reflected in said Deferred Compensation Account shall not be subject in any manner to anticipation, alienation, sale, transfer, assignment, pledge, encumbrance, attachment or garnishment by creditors of the Employee or his beneficiary, and any attempt to anticipate, alienate, transfer, assign or attach the same shall be void. Neither the Employee nor his beneficiary may assert any right or claim against any specific assets of the Employer. The Employee or his beneficiary shall have only a contractual right against the Employer for the amount reflected in said Deferred Compensation Account and shall have the status of general unsecured creditors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in order to pay amounts which may become due under this Agreement, the Employer may establish a grantor trust (hereinafter the "Trust") within the meaning of Section 671 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. The assets in such Trust shall at all times be subject to the claims of the general creditors of the Employer in the event of the Employer's bankruptcy or insolvency, and neither the Employee nor any beneficiary shall have any preferred claim or right, or any beneficial ownership interest in, any such assets of the Trust prior to the time such assets are paid to the Employee or beneficiary pursuant to this Agreement. The Employer shall credit to said Deferred Compensation Account the amount of any salary to which the Employee becomes entitled and which is deferred pursuant to Section 1 hereof, such amount to be credited as of the first business day of each month. The Employer shall also credit to said Deferred Compensation Account an Interest Equivalent in the amount and manner set forth in Section 3 hereof.

  • Tax-Deferred Earnings The investment earnings of your IRA are not subject to federal income tax until distributions are made (or, in certain instances, when distributions are deemed to be made).

  • Deferred Payments If following a termination of the Executive, the aggregate payments to be made by the Bank under this Agreement and all other plans or arrangements maintained by the Company or any of the Consolidated Subsidiaries would exceed the limitation on deductible compensation contained in Section 162(m) of the Code in any calendar year, any such amounts in excess of such limitation shall be mandatorily deferred with interest thereon at 8.0% per annum to a calendar year such that the amount to be paid to the Executive in such calendar year, including deferred amounts, does not exceed such limitation.

  • Are There Different Types of IRAs or Other Tax Deferred Accounts? Yes. Upon creation of a tax deferred account, you must designate whether the account will be a Traditional IRA, a Xxxx XXX, or a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account (“CESA”). (In addition, there are Simplified Employee Pension Plan (“SEP”) IRAs and Savings Incentive Matched Plan for Employees of Small Employers (“SIMPLE”) IRAs, which are discussed in the Disclosure Statement for Traditional IRAs). • In a Traditional IRA, amounts contributed to the IRA may be tax deductible at the time of contribution. Distributions from the IRA will be taxed upon distribution except to the extent that the distribution represents a return of your own contributions for which you did not claim (or were not eligible to claim) a deduction. • In a Xxxx XXX, amounts contributed to your IRA are taxed at the time of contribution, but distributions from the IRA are not subject to tax if you have held the IRA for certain minimum periods of time (generally, until age 59½ but in some cases longer). • In a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account, you contribute to an IRA maintained on behalf of a beneficiary and do not receive a current deduction. However, if amounts are used for certain educational purposes, neither you nor the beneficiary of the IRA are taxed upon distribution. Each type of account is a custodial account created for the exclusive benefit of the beneficiary – you (or your spouse) in the case of the Traditional IRA and Xxxx XXX, and a named beneficiary in the case of a Xxxxxxxxx Education Savings Account. U.S. Bank, National Association serves as Custodian of the account. Your, your spouse’s or your beneficiary’s (as applicable) interest in the account is nonforfeitable.

  • Deferred Payment “Deferred Payment” means any severance pay or benefits to be paid or provided to Executive (or Executive’s estate or beneficiaries) pursuant to this Agreement and any other severance payments or separation benefits, that in each case, when considered together, are considered deferred compensation under Section 409A.

  • Deferral Account 3.1 Establishing and Crediting. The Company shall establish a Deferral Account on its books for the Director, and shall credit to the Deferral Account the following amounts:

  • Employer Contributions a. Contribution for employees hired prior to September 1, 2010. For an employee employed as of September 1, 2010, the employer’s contribution will be an amount equal to 6.3% of the employee’s compensation up to and including $4,800.00 plus 12% of the employee’s compensation in excess of $4,800.00.

  • Non-Retirement Savings Accounts An account maintained in Belgium (other than an insurance or Annuity Contract) that satisfies the following requirements under the laws of Belgium.

  • Account Balances Balances shown in your accounts may include deposits subject to verification by us. The balance reflected in the Service may differ from your records due to deposits in progress, checks outstanding, or other withdrawals, payments or charges. A transfer request may not result in immediate availability because of the time required to process the request. A transfer request must be made before the Business Day Cut-off time to be effective the same Business Day. The balances within the Service are updated periodically and the Service will display the most current "as of" date on the "accounts" summary page. There may be situations that cause a delay in an update of your balances. The Service will use the most current balance available at the time of a transaction to base our approval for account transfers.

  • Deferrals If permitted by the Company, the Participant may elect, subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan and any other applicable written plan or procedure adopted by the Company from time to time for purposes of such election, to defer the distribution of all or any portion of the shares of Common Stock that would otherwise be distributed to the Participant hereunder (the “Deferred Shares”), consistent with the requirements of Section 409A of the Code. Upon the vesting of RSUs that have been so deferred, the applicable number of Deferred Shares shall be credited to a bookkeeping account established on the Participant’s behalf (the “Account”). Subject to Section 5 hereof, the number of shares of Common Stock equal to the number of Deferred Shares credited to the Participant’s Account shall be distributed to the Participant in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan and the other applicable written plans or procedures of the Company, consistent with the requirements of Section 409A of the Code.

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