Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (2023)

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Cycling short is a short skin-tight legwear designed to make you feel comfortable during cycling. The underwear short has so many advantages for using it, they would protect your skin against the friction of the leg against the bicycle seat. It also can help reduce the weight of a rider’s clothing. Cycling underwear short is made of different materials. They are produced in a variety of shapes and many styles to suit the needs of different rider. Now the list down below will help guide you to choose your favorite cycling underwear short.

Mountain biking is a type of off-road bicycle riding. The mountain biking can be riding downhill at off-road or forest trails or riding uphill on various trails. Mountain biking is a type of mountain sports in which riders are travelling on mountain paths. On the other hand, downhill mountain bicycle much similar to cross-country mountain biking with the difference in the downhill mountain biking the riders travel on a downhill on the rough terrain. Downhill mountain bikers use their bikes which have bolts, gears and wide tires.

Mountain Biking Short – Guide to Choose Right One

If you are a mountain biker. You would need to wear mountain biking short for supporting you to ride uphill or down hill. Downhill mountain bikers are riding on a mountain path downhill. Half-way down you would feel tight and uncomfortable. Because the skin of the legs were riding continuously with the bike seat. Most down hill mountain bikers use many protective gears in order to reduce the skin friction. They would not only use a mountain biking shorts but also a mountain biking jersey, cycling helmet and mountain biking boots. Even if if you are a cross country mountain bikers wearing a mountain biking short is a good choice. Especially that if you are a mid-country mountain biker, your legs are probably wider than the middle range cyclists. By using mountain biking short you could be more comfortable to ride than before.

What Are The Advantages of a Mountain Biking Short?

Mountain biking short has a lot of advantage. Here are the best 3.

Skin Protection

One of the biggest advantage of a mountain biking short is its ability to protect your skin against the road or trail bumps. You might feel uncomfortable when your thigh rubbing with the bike seat while you ride. By using the mountain biking short you can be more comfortable while riding on your bike.

Easy to Wash and Dry

Since the mountain biking short is made of the material that is easy to wash and dry. Therefore, you will be able to have more cycling clothing in your drawer. Especially that you will have a lot of skin friction while riding.

Easy and Flexible Grip

The mountain biking short will provide you with a lot of flexibility. Especially when you are riding uphill or downhill. The mountain biking short will not only provide you with a lot of grip on your body. It will also make you feel more comfortable while riding.

What Are The Most Important Things to Consider While Buying a Mountain Biking Underwear Short?

There 3 important things that you should consider when buying your mountain biking underwear short. They are as follows.

Synthetic Fabric

Mountain biking under shorts are often made of a synthetic fabric. Synthetic material is the material that is no so heavy as natural fabric. It will make the mass of the mountain biking short much lighter.

Maximum Comfort Level

While buying your mountain biking underwear short you should make sure the mountain biking short has the maximum comfort level on your skin.

Wash and Dry

It is also important to consider whether the mountain biking short is washable and dry. This will give you the ability to buy many mountain biking short.

What Is A Good Mountain Biking Underwear Footwear

The mountain biking footwear can be the cross-country cycling shoe or the cleat shoe. The cross-country cycling shoe is used by cross country or middle-distance cyclists. While using the biking shoe it can help you a lot while riding cross-country. On the other hand, a cleat shoe is the shoe which has many metal cleats on the sole.

What Is a Good Mountain Biking Gloves?

The mountain biking gloves are special gloves which help a rider to ride the bike on rough surfaces like a mountain. The mountain biking gloves are used as a protective equipment for the hands and fingers while riding a bike on mountain. There are many conventional features of mountain biking gloves such as the breathability, comfort, abrasive resistance and grip. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of special features of mountain biking gloves which are not found in conventional cycling gloves such as the waterproofing, anti-bacterial protection, insulation for weather and grip.

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What Should a Good Mountain Bike Apparel Look Like?

The mountain biking apparel can be very much different from one another just as the mountain biker. However, there are still some basic features of mountain biking apparel that almost all mountain bikers use them. Some of the basic features are as follows.


Since mountain biking is a sport which is done on a natural surface, it is required to have a mountain biking apparel which can help you to breathe naturally. A right mountain biking apparel will not only allow a rider to breathe naturally but also protect them against the visibility of the bike due to the light.

Wear-Resistant Skin

In addition to the features above, mountain biking apparel should have a wear-resistant skin since it might be worn at many places with the nature surface. By having a wear-resistant skin, the rider will be able to wear it for a long time without the skin ripping off.

Protection against the Cold and Warmth

Since mountain biking is a sport which takes place in different climates, it is required for a mountain biking apparel to provide a certain amount of protection against the cold and warmth. This will help a rider to remain comfortable on a natural surface regardless of the climate.

Shock Resistence and Stretchability

Since mountain biking might be done on an off-road, it is required to have a mountain biking apparel which can be stretched to the rider’s body. This will give the rider high flexibility and also protection against vibration.

Namastay Put Hipster

This product was recommended by Jess Greenburg from Lululemon

Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (1)

This pair of underwear is soft, comfortable, lightweight, and doesn’t shift around. It stays put all day, and the hipster cut doesn’t ride up as I’m riding my mountain bike. They’re sweat-wicking and cotton, so I stay dry and healthy all day. There’s also no panty lines, which is great when I’m wearing spandex shorts and want to run into a shop after a ride.

Przewalski Padded Underwear Shorts

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CarInsuranceComparison

Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (2)

The padding on this underwear can make a long day of rough riding bearable. It’s designed specifically for bike riding so the padding is in the right spots and offers ideal cushioning. The wicking material keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. You won’t have to worry about the underwear shifting out of place because it’s equipped with anti-slip silicone.

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X Tiger’s Underwear Men Shorts

This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

Baleaf Men’s Bike Underwear

This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (4)

Sometimes you are not really looking for cushioning and just something that will feel smooth on your skin and prevent blisters or that raspy sensation.

Xcellent Global 3D Padded Men’s Bicycle Cycling Underwear

This product was recommended by Jessica Miller from Bike Inquire

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Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (5)

There are different cycling shorts that you will find in the market but it can be a problem when you do not know if you are purchasing cycling shorts that are supposed to be worn by men or are supposed to be worn by women. This pair of cycling shorts can be used for your different needs. Take a look at this cycling underwear short that is specially designed for women and men as serious cyclists to make them improve their performance and comfort. This underwear short is made of Polyester, Nylon, and Silicone plus sponge. It’s light, soft, and comfortable and without pressure to your body even on a long ride. Hence, it’s dry fast with good elasticity and breathability, super flexibility and there are many sizes for you to choose.

Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

3d Chamois Padded Compression Mountain Bike Shorts

This product was recommended by Ajmal Dar from Moccasin Guru

Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (7)

These MTB shorts tick all the boxes. They are made from stretchy, soft, and breathable fabric that allows moisture out and have leg grips to avoid over shorts from riding up. The 3D Cushioning dramatically reduces tiredness and any pain from long rides. Ideal for experienced riders and those just starting out in MTB

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Sponeed Men’s Cycline Shorts

This product was recommended by Eddie Johnson from Anabolic Bodies

Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (8)

Sponeed cycling shorts are light weight and soft and let you move freely on the bike. Long rides can make you a bit saddle sore but the cushioning really helps. They have great breath-ability so you get to keep cool and dry even when the ride is a bit challenging.

Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

This product was recommended by Susan from Ridge Merino

Best Mountain Biking Underwear For Men & Women - Radnut (9)

The Ridge Boxer features technical performance benefits with natural Merino wool fabric next-to-skin, for incredible fit and comfort. Using (m)Force™ Technology, a nylon core-spun Merino wool, the boxers feature unprecedented strength and durability – about 50% stronger* than comparable weights of Merino fabrics. There’s also a hint of spandex to provide long-lasting stretch and recovery. The design features a gusseted crotch, easy-to-use fly and flatlock seams to eliminate potential rubbing and reduce abrasion. These features combined with other natural Merino benefits – odor resistance, sweat wicking, quick-drying, temperature regulation – make the Ridge Merino wool Boxer Brief a must-have for mountain biking.


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